Friday, February 15, 2008

Gift Idea Friday - Cheryl & Co. Cookies

So starting today and continuing every Friday it's going to be - Gift Idea Friday!!! Today's gift idea is in keeping with the Valentine's holiday but is a gift you can give at anytime of year for practically any occassion -Frosted Sugar Cookies from Cheryl & Co. I know what your thinking - I'm not going to waste money on gourmet cookies - and trust me I was thinking the same thing until I tried one. My boss had gotten one and insisted I try a bite and it was love at first taste. And since that taste I have order these three different times as gifts.

Most recently I got a dozen for my husband for Valentine's Day. Sending these was like the equivalent of him sending me flower . He was so excited and we immediately ate one (at 6:30 in the morning). So next time you are in need of a gift - think delicous tastey cookies. And for you Ohio State fans, Cheryl & Co (based in Columbus) make special Buckeye cookies!

1 comment:

mikey said...

I must say, these cookies put my Mother's to shame (sorry, Mom, I still love 'ya). The delicious taste of Cheryl and Co's cookies can best be summed up by the lyrics from rap star, 50 cent: "I love you girl, like a fat kid loves cake....or sugar cookies from Cheryl and Co." Word.


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