Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite Thing #24 - Prive Curl Activating Creme

This weekend I have been pretty lazy in the hair department. I just haven't been in the mood to take the time to straighten my hair so I thought since I've gone curly this weekend I should share my favorite "curly" products in the weekend posts. Today I'll start with my must have - Prive's Curl Activating Creme. I LOVE LOVE this stuff!!! It's a thick, style cream and very easy to work with...doesn't leave my hair greasy, oily, or dry. I put about a half-dollar's worth in my hands, flip my wet hair over and just "scrunch" the product through. Sometimes I go back with a second round depending on how I feel my hair is taking to the curl. Like I have said before, my hair is naturally curlly and I could go with no product if I wanted but I like using some because it helps hold the curl, makes the curls more defined, and there is less frizz. I dry my hair with my blow dryer (but use my diffuser sock - stay tuned for tomorrow's post) and then I finish with my favorite thing - Aveda's Smoothing Fluid. A 200 ml bottle usually lasts me a year (I really only wear my hair curly in the summer). Sometimes you can find it on Amazon but right now its out of stock. To find a salon that carries Prive Products call 866.351.1193 OR

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