Saturday, March 1, 2008

Favorite Thing #30 - Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow

I have been using Bobbi Brown makeup for several years now and just discovered this favorite thing thanks to my friend Margaret - Cream Shadow! It is what it says it is a cream based shadow. I have it in three different colors (thanks to the hubby for getting me some for Christmas) - Bone, Ballet Pink, and Galaxy. I use the bone color 95% of the time. It's my base shadow and I like using it because it actually helps the other shadow I use stay on longer. The ballet pink color I use here in there if I want a little more color and the galaxy is a darker grey color so I only use that when I'm trying to do a smokey eye. There are some great options for color and I am sure that I will expand upon my collection in the future. These are $22 per shadow but they last a long time. I have had mine only isnce Christmas but I have over 75% left. Another favorite thing that goes along with the cream shadow is the cream shadow brush.

This is a great tool to help put the cream shadow on evenly. It's $25 for the brush but it something that will last you many, many, many years!

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