Thursday, June 19, 2008

Favorite Thing #61 - Chili Lime Rub w/ Sea Salt from Williams-Sonoma

I absolutely LOVE this seasoning rub - Chili Lime Rub with Sea Salt. My husband (grill master) has used this rub on beer can chicken (two week's ago gift idea) and just on grilled chicken breasts. After I bought it, I was nervous because I thought it might be over poweringly spicy but its not at all. Its the perfect blend of sweet and salty and just gives chicken that extra flavor. Try it with your next beer can chicken or just add some to spice up your chicken breast. It's not cheap (I bought it with a gift car) - $9.00 for 3 oz. And that amount lasted for two beer can chickens and three large chicken breasts.

Here's Williams-Sonoma's description of the rub:

From Latin America to the South Pacific, the pairing of lime and chili is a classic flavor combination. Our rub is a mingling of carefully selected spices – New Mexican chilies, California cilantro, Turkish cumin, paprika and more – plus sea salt and tart lime. The blend gives all types of meats a gentle heat and mouthwatering appeal. Before grilling, panfrying or roasting, sprinkle the rub liberally on chicken, pork, beef and seafood. 3 oz. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

1 comment:

mikey said...

this stuff is great!!! it adds a flavor to any bland piece of chix. although expensive, you must remember that an entire beer can chix. takes alot of two whole chickens is pretty good.


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