Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Product Review - Laura Mercier 'Chocolate Truffle Soufflé' Body Crème

Recently I bought a few Laura Mercier products and I received a free gift bag with several trial items in it. One of these items was the Chocolate Truffle Soufflé Body Crème. I was looking forward to using this product because there are several Laura Mercier products that I love. Unfortunately I was very disappointed in this product. I really like the consistency of the cream. It was thick enough that I felt it really moisturized my skin BUT I smelled like chocolate the rest of the day! Had the scent been a nice floral scent I would have loved it because it really did last well into the day. I wouldn't waste the $55 for 12oz of this lotion that will make you smell like a Hershey bar all day.

Here's a description of the product from Nordstrom's website:

"Chocolate Truffle Soufflé Body Crème is an ultra-rich whipped soufflé crème scented with a blend of the finest extracts. Use day or night for luxurious moisture protection without being heavy or greasy. Chocolate Truffle is a decadent treat blending top notes of almond with creamy espresso and a hint of Frangelico. The chocolate scent is warmed with a blend of vanilla, sweet maple and honey topped off with rose and heliotrope for added sophistication."

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