Monday, October 20, 2008

Favorite Thing #81 - Lipstick Jungle

I started watching this favorite thing one lazy Saturday last year when I was sick on the couch and there happen to be a marathon. Well I immediately got hooked on Lipstick Jungle and highly recommend it. I love this show because it follows a similar premise to Sex and the City but with a different twist. The show is based on the best-selling book (which I need to still read) by Candace Bushnell (same person behind Sex and the City). It follows "three high-powered friends as they weather the ups and downs of lives lived at the top of their game." There is the Wendy the movie executive (played by Brooke Shields) who tries to balance family and career, Nico (played by Kim Raver) is editor-in-chief of a hot fashion magazine, and free-spirited fashion designer Victory (plated by Lindsey Price) who wants to find Mr. Right.

I definitely recommend catching up on old episodes and and then set your DVR for Wednesday nights at 10pm.


Allie said...

I DVR this season, but missed all of last season.

And I find the show is better than the book... something I have seen occur regularly with Bushnell. Interesting premise but the characters are so annoying. However on TV I seem to care more and they have more spark and humanity.

Jennifer said...

I just started reading her new book One fifth ave.

Anonymous said...

who's your fav of the 3 girls? and how hot is kirby??? :)


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