Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got my first tag!!!!

Allie at My Wardrobe Today tagged me about my favorites, so here it goes...

1. Clothes Shop - There are so many that I love but J.Crew and Banana Republic definitely top the list. I rarely buy things full price at these stores because they go on sale so frequently.

2. Furniture Shop - Target and Crate and Barrel are the two predominate stores that are featured in our home. I am a big believer in mixing some expensive and inexpensive pieces for a chic home.3. Sweet - Right now I am obsessed with Peanut M&M's!

4. City - Washington D.C. and Chicago - The place I live and the place I frequent the most

5. Drink - Wine - red or white - just depends on the mood I'm in and the temperature outside

6. Music - I have a very eclectic collection of music but my favorite would be Dave Matthews Band

7. TV Series - My DVR is full of shows that I tape but if I had to pick a few favorites they would be Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle, Project Runway, and Desperate Housewives.

8. Film - Pretty Woman is by far my fav!

9. Workout - Running, Body Pump and Body Attack at Golds Gym

10. Pastries - I'm not a big pastry eater but if I had to pick - Croissant

11. Coffee - Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!

1 comment:

KT said...

OK, so don't kill me but you just got your second. Come to my blog to get yours. :)


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