Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite Thing #87 - "Flirt" Jeans by Old Navy

I discovered this favorite thing thanks to Allie at My Wadrobe Today. She swears by these jeans and they were on sale for $20 so I thought I would check them out. They came in the mail while I was out of town and I finally got to try them on Friday when I got home. It was love at first wear!!! Normally I wear jeans that are way over priced but we are trying to save money so instead of spending over $100 on jeans I spent $20 and I love them! Old Navy's Flirt jeans are amazing and they are soooo cheap. There is a another perk to them - normally I have to get my jeans altered because I am so short but with Old Navy's "short" style they fit me perfectly! Woo Hoo! I would definitely recommend these. They are the perfect jeans for casual or a night out on the town. And they are still on sale right now for $20. Can't beat that!

1 comment:

Allie said...

Glad you love them! Be warned - they do stretch out over time, but you TOTALLY get your $20 money's worth before that happens! :)


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