Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Thing #108 - The Look 4 Less Blog

This blog is my newest obsession - The Look 4 Less. "J" in Iowa makes shopping so much more fun and affordable for her readers. She takes great celebrity and high end fashions and shows you how to get the look for less.
"In this world of celebrity culture, everyone wants the expensive, designer looks that they see on their favorite stars. I decided to start this blog to show people that you don't HAVE to always shell out large amounts of cash to have a similar look!
Her blog is updated all the time with lots of new great styles. Some styles are a little too out there for me like these lace up pumps but most of it are amazing look-a-likes. We have very similar tastes (both love J.Crew) so I have to control my need to buy everything she posts. My most recent purchase thanks to her blog is an Arden B. sweater. It should be arriving this week. I can't wait to wear it!

Really loving Favorite Thing #8 this week - J.Crew rewards. I got my spring $25 reward card in the mail and used it to do some early spring shopping and also take advantage of the 30% sale items. If you are a J.Crew regular shopper than I highly recommend that you get a J.Crew credit card. It's soo worth it.


J said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm so glad you like the blog.

Joy said...

Thanks for featuring The Look 4 Less. I am tempted to jump on those deals! I'm alittle afraid to add it to my blogroll :) J/K

Christina said...

I know what you mean Joy. The first time I went on her site I bought something. I need to learn self control!!!!


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