Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Calling All Dyson Lovers

I really appreciate all the vacuum suggestions and I'm trying to convince my hubby that a Dyson is a good investment since he has a shedding wife. I do have one question for all you Dyson lovers - which vacuum should I get?


Ann said...

I have been eyeing up the DC15 or DC24 - the ones with the ball that makes 'steering' easier. I had no reason to buy one when we had a 900 sq foot apartment, but when we move I just may have to get one. :)

Everyone that I know who has a Dyson (several shedding dog owners) love and swear by them. I know Bed, Bath and Beyond honors coupons with them, too.

Mrs. Smith said...

You will NOT REGRET a purchase like the Dyson! Trust me. My husband and I purchased the Dyson DC25 (?) Animal The Ball. Or whatever. You know, it has the ball. And it's The Animal one. It is amazing! We have a dog, and I had absolutely no idea how much dog hair was really on our floor until we vacuumed for the first time. And not just hair - but dirt. It was disgusting. I feel like our apartment is cleaner and we have less allergies because of our Dyson! Plus, for human shedding (let's face it, us girls tend to shed quite a bit during hairstyling rituals!), it totally rocks, too.

BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!

And yes - get it at Bed Bath and Beyond. We got ours there with our 20% off coupon. If, for some reason, you have not stockpiled 100 of them like I have...I'll be happy to mail you a few! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

Wow...I just saw how long that comment was. I never realized how passionate I was about a vacuum.

Is this what happens when you get married?


Prep-E Girl said...

I have the yellow one that is for all floors. My mom has "The Animal" which she fondly refers to as the "pet vac" (although it's not a pet vac - it just has pet hair attachments).

I think if I were buying one NOW - I would get the ball one. The big yellow one is awesome but heavy!


Lisa said...

I just found this deal posted somewhere and thought of you and your quest for a Dyson:


Bitchy Mom said...


My husband bought me one for Christmas 2 years ago (after I begged him for one since the first commercial came out...) and I am IN LOVE.

It has never failed to please me. I actually WANT to vacuum. And I used to hate vacuuming. But now I jump at the opportunity to pull out my gorgeous purple DC14 Animal and go a few rounds with it...

You will not regret it. It's easy to empty, easy to use, NEVER loses suction, even when the container goes above the fill line, and... it's beautiful. Seriously.

My one and only complaint would be that it's heavy and I don't like lugging it up and down the stairs. But everything else about the machine makes up for that!

If I ever have to buy another Dyson, I would probably get the Ball Dyson because it's looks a little easier to use. I might even get the smaller version because it would be lighter, even though I would have to empty it more often...

So that's my thoughts on Dyson. I hope you get one! You won't regret it!!!!


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