Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Portuguese Dance

This weekend my hubby and I head back to my hometown (Allentown, PA) to see my family, get my bridesmaid's dress for my cousin's wedding, and most importantly attend a dinner dance at the Portuguese American Club (I'm half Portuguese) to benefit the American Cancer Society. My family has been going to this dance for ten years but this is the first time I have been able to go. We had a blast hanging out with my VoVo and VoVo (Portuguese for grandmother and grandfather, there are supposed to be accents but I can't figure it out), my Aunt Gloria (and godmother), Uncle Charlie, and my cousin Cassie (she's like a sister, I only have two first cousins). Here are some pictures:

Me and the Hubby

Me and my cousin Cassandra

Me and my cousin dancing. She taught me how to do a Portuguese dance.

A shot of all the ladies dancing

My Aunt Gloria and grandmother

My mom, me, Cass, and Aunt Gloria

It was also my grandmother's birthday!

Isn't my grandfather the cutest! He was cold so my aunt put her jacket on him.


J said...

Great pics! Your grandfather is so cute. I love your dress as well, it's adorable.

Jane said...

Fun pictures!! You and your family seemed to have had a great job!

mikey said...

VoVo can pull off any color. he is a Portuguese fashion icon!!!!

Joy said...

I can't believe you are from Allentown.Do you know my friend Chris Derr? He probably graduated HS in 1993.

Anonymous said...

great fun!!! great memories!!! love my family, we know how to party!!!
aunt gloria

GilaMonster said...

Where are you getting your bridesmaid dress? Is the bride letting you pick out your own? I am voting for us all picking out our own for my best friend's wedding and just having her colors. I found a cute store on http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/bridal_shops_dresses.html where we should be able to get dresses that look pretty similar, but unique. If you get a choice I suggest something like that.


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