Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Favorite Thing #128 - Season- Serve Container

I am so ready for warmer weather and grilling season. My husband is a grill master and this is one of our favorite items - Season-Serve Container from Tupperware. It's perfect for anytime you want to marinade steak, chicken, fish, kabobs, etc. Right now it is on sale for $10.99. Here's a description from the Tupperware site -"Marinades make food taste great - but what a mess they can be. No more, thanks to Tupperware innovation! Put meat or vegetables in the container, pour over the marinade, close with top cover. Now, simply turn it over every three or four hours. Special grills on top and bottom ensure marinade flows - plus meat, fish and veggies stay extra fresh, even overnight."
I am still wearing Favorite Thing #28 almost every day. These are a classic pair of Tiffany's earrings that go with almost anything. I would be so upset if I ever lost these earrings. They are definitely a piece of jewelry I can't live without.


Jenny said...

OMG, My parents had this container growing up (still do) and I LOVE it. I bought a cheapy version from Wal-Mart a couple summers ago and was ecstatic to find it!

Milly said...

I have the matching bracelet to your earrings...i gave the set to my mom as a gift awhile back but she lost one of the earrings and was devastated since she loved it so


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