Monday, March 9, 2009

J.Crew at TJ Maxx?!?!?!?

Many of the blogs that I follow have been blogging about how they have found J.Crew clothes and shoes at TJ Maxx (Sweet Tea Diaries, Champagne & Cupcakes, What I'm wearing today). I was sooo excited so this weekend my hubby and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and metro over to Mazza Gallerie (shopping area in DC) and bargain shop (TJ Maxx, Loehmann's, and Filiene's Basement). I was hoping I would get some great J.Crew stuff...well no such luck. I couldn't find any J.Crew stuff anywhere. In fact, I didn't luck out at any of the stores (except Filiene' a skirt...more about that below). Not ready to give up I decided to check out the Rockville TJ Maxx...and nothing there either (I did get a Calvin Klein dress and Guess shoes for an upcoming event...more about that this week). Does anyone know where I can find J.Crew stuff in the DC area? Please help!!!

I did score a super cute Vineyard Vines white chino skirt at Filiene's Basement. And it goes great with a Banana Republic Puff-sweater (on sale) that I picked up that day too.

Same day at Banana I got this really comfy sweater (on sale) that I have had my eye on since Christmas but was waiting for it to go on sale. (Can't find a link...sorry) It's the perfect lounging around sweater. I wore it today when we went to the Capitals/Penguins hockey game.

I got a few other things at GAP and my second TJ Maxx trip but I will post about those later this week.

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HeidiG said...

Excellent finds! A few weeks ago I went to the Germantown TJ Maxx - also in search of the elusive J Crew. I found 3 JC dresses in my size and they all looked horrible on me - guess that's why they were there...


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