Monday, March 23, 2009

Favorite Thing #136 - Bobbi Brown's Nude Lip Gloss

I rarely finish a full tube of lip gloss - either I lose it or it sits in my make up drawer and gets used every once and a while. There is one lip gloss that I definitely do finish and hate running out of - Favorite Thing #136 - Bobbi Brown's Nude Lip Gloss. I LOVE this lip gloss and will continue to buy it (only if I have a coupon). You can purchase Bobbi Brown cosmetics via Ebates through Bobbi Brown's website (4% cash back) or Nordstrom (5% cash back). I just stocked up on lip gloss since I finished my last tube of it and I went through the Bobbi Brown website because I got 25% off and free shipping. I also bought a tube of Tangerine lip gloss which was featured in the J.Crew catalogs this season. Stay tuned for a review.

Continue to love and use Favorite Thing #36 - Aveda's Air Control Hairspray. For me this is the perfect hold hair spray. Not too heavy, you can't tell I have hair spray in my hair, and it gives me the hold I need. This product isn't one that I have to have (like Favorite Thing # ) and I am defintely up for trying something that I can get at Target. Any suggestions?

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