Monday, April 20, 2009

Favorite Thing #146 - Chanel Sunglasses

I LOVE these sunglasses and they definitely are a top favorite thing when the sun is shining. I've had these Chanel sunglasses for four years now. I'm very protective of them and would be devastated if I lost them. They are the perfect shape for me (at least I think so) and fit my style. They are very Jackie O inspired and I love the simplicity of them. I take very good care of them - my case is always with me. And I have a back up pair of sunglasses for when I'm hanging out on the beach or at the pool. I had a hard time finding these online but they are available here for $139. Here's a picture of me with my sunglasses on from our trip to Barbados last year.

I am still a dedicated reader of Favorite Thing #46 - My Wardrobe Today. Allie has amazing style and I love seeing what she wears. She recently had an ADORABLE baby girl named Emerson. If you haven't already checked out her blog, you definitely should!


brown eyed girl said...

I love those glasses! I need to suck it up and buy a good, classic pair of glasses at full-price instead of my rediculous AE sunglasses!

And is that a Penn State shirt I spy on the Mr? Are you guys part of the PSU family?

Trina said...

I have a pair of Chanel's and I have to agree with you - I guard them with my dear life! You Chanel's look good on you :)

RachelSmiles said...

sooo sweet, love the shades.

i left you a little something on my page :)

2bella4u said...

I am like the same way with my pair of Versace sunglasses that I bought a few years ago in Vegas. I want a new pair because my Versace ones are kind of heavy and leave those telltale marks on the sides of my nose after like 5 minutes! I find great deals online but sunglasses are one of those things that I have to try on to make sure they fit my face! I think that yours fit you great!


HeidiG said...

Isn't it fantastic when you find the perfect pair of sunglasses? I have a thin face but like bigger shades, and found a pair of RayBans that are perfect. Plus they are polarized, which I love.


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