Monday, April 20, 2009

Menu Monday

This week is going to be a boring, hodgepodge of food because hubby and I once again will be out of town starting Friday.

Monday - Hot dogs, salad, and the rest of our cheesecake from the weekend
Tuesday - Hubby's cooking something for our anniversary (I'm hoping some grilled chicken and salad - hint hint)
Wednesday - Tilapia Packets - didn't get made last week as planned
Thursday - Grilled Cheese and Soup
Friday - Heading out of town!

The next couple of week's are going to be boring because we are out of town a lot. Hopefully middle of May I will be back to trying out new recipes.


brown eyed girl said...

It's rainy and cold around here and grilled cheese and soup sounds absolutely. right now!!

Let us know what the hubs makes - I'm always fascinated by men cooking LOL!

mikey said...

oh, i'll cook alright. i hope you like SPAM, baby. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!


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