Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ryan O Photography

I thought since everyone raved about my wedding pictures (thank you) I should blog about how the photographer. Ryan O. Photography is amazing! I couldn't have ask for a better for photographer. I found him online and signed a contract and everything without even meeting him. I was planning a wedding out of town so this was the easiest thing to do - his pictures were amazing, the price was excellent (we got everything we wanted). And well you saw the instincts were right. In fact my friend Shannon hired him as her wedding photographer for her upcoming June wedding. When we do eventually have kids I'm going to hopefully have him take our pregnancy, baby, and family portraits. So if you are in the Allentown, Philly, Poconos area definitely contact him for your photography needs.

1 comment:

Newlywed Next Door said...

So pretty!

PS- I really like Malbec too! Tried a bottle few months ago and hubby and I were hooked. Trader Joes has good Malbecs


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