Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap and Menu Monday

This weekend was very low key so low key that I don't have any pictures to share. Our friends Shannon and David spent the weekend with us. Friday night we made homemade pizzas and Shannon and I got ready for the yard sale. Saturday morning was the neighborhood yard sale. I wanted to get pictures of the before and after but as we were setting our stuff up people were trying to buy. It was so busy that I didn't get a chance. Overall it was very successful and between the two of us we made over $150! That night we ended up staying in for dinner and grilled some yummy Omaha Steaks because the Penn State game was on. Sunday was football day. It was a split day in our house - my team (Eagles) won and Hubby's team (Steelers) did not.

Here's this week's menu. Nothing too exciting because Hubby's gone Tuesday night and I'm heading to Morgantown Thursday night for the WVU vs. Colorado game.

Monday - Tuna sandwiches and side salad
Tuesday - Grilled cheese sandwich and side salad
Wednesday - Happy Hour at Rio Grande
Thursday - Mario's Fishbowl for dinner and fishbowl beers
Friday - Halibut, potatoes, and corn
Saturday - Planning on going to Tragara since we didn't go last week


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