Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowy Weekend Recap

This weekend was super fun and filled with snow...lots of snow. My cousin and her husband came in for the weekend on Friday afternoon. They got here just as the snow was coming down.

We decided that we would venture out that night for dinner since we would probably be stuck in our house for most of the weekend. We walked to the Rockville Town Center around 6pm and the snow was coming down fast.

We woke up early Saturday morning to NO POWER! It was sooo cold in our house. Thankfully our fire place and stove are gas powered so we were able to warm up and eat. Thankfully the power came on later that afternoon. This is what we woke up too.

I couldn't believe how much snow had fallen and it was still coming down. My cousin's car is somewhere under all this.

Hubby and my cousin-in-law got to shoveling right away. This was round 3 of snow clearing. They had shoveled twice Friday night and the snow was still up to Hubby's shins.

One of the cars left in the parking lot in front of our house was pretty much buried.

Once the snow stopped I decided to trek through it to see how much we really got. It went up to almost my waist. I'm guess we got close to 30 inches.

Here's another shot of the trees after the snow had FINALLY stopped.

It was soo much fun to be snowed in with my cousin and her husband. He was a huge help shoveling with Hubby and he also is a gourmet chef and made an AMAZING dinner Saturday night (blog post to come on that). I had so much fun spending quality time with my cousin. She's my only female cousin and we are four years apart and we're like sisters.

On Sunday, we were able to venture out of our neighborhood and make it to the Cap vs. Penguins game. This was the whole reason my cousins came in because this was our Christmas present from them. We had a blast and it was a very exciting game.

Stay tuned for more snow pictures. We are supposed to get 10-20 inches of snow starting tonight. Should be interesting. Not sure where are the snow is supposed to go.


Dollface said...

I cant believe you got all that snow! We waited and waited and no snow came, xxxoo

Domestic Goddess said...

i actually got the frames at joannas. they were the ones that came with the mats already fitted. for being such a cheap price, they turned out really nice!

Abbie said...

It looks like such a fun weekend!


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