Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Years Resolution Month One Update

Well we are one month into 2010 and in order for me to keep my resolutions I need to revisit each month and make sure I'm staying on track.
  1. Be Healthier - I've lost a few pounds. I'm not as toned as I would like to be. Thinking about getting a few sessions with a personal trainer. What do you think? Definitely eating better. I need to be better about making a trip to the grocery store each week to get fresh fruit and vegetables so that we have them in the house at all times.
  2. Be consistent with running - I definitely could be running more. I've logged a little over 25 miles this month. I did have one good 5 mile run. I'm anxious for the weather to warm up and I will definitely be running outside.
  3. Focus on my blog - I have not been doing a good job of focusing on my blog. I did get a few more followers this month but I'm still a good ways away from 200. Promise I will try and be better this month. Not as much traveling in February so I should have more free time.
  4. Cook at home more - I was very good in the beginning of the month trying out new things (none of them good enough to share on the blog). Then both Hubby and I were traveling so we just weren't around enough. I hope to be sharing some new recipes with you soon.

On another note, my friend Shannon has cleaned out her sweaters and put some of them up on ebay. Check them out here.

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brown eyed girl said...

That's awesome for your first month!!


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