Friday, November 26, 2010

Top Ten Blogs that I Follow

Here are my go-to must read blogs each no particular order
  1. Pretty in Pink Megan - Megan has amazing style and is a great resources for all things beauty and fashion. She frequently has online yard sales with great stuff.
  2. Modestly Styled. Modestly Me - We have very similar senses of style and she photographers her outfits. We share a love of LOFT.
  3. Life at the White House - We've never met but we just clicked after emailing back and forth about a few things. I know that if she lived in the DC area we'd be friends. She blogs about everything and anything.
  4. Perez Hilton - My go-to for all celebrity gossip
  5. Young House Love - A young couple with a newborn who have an amazing sense of home decorating sense. They can decorate/remodel on any budget. They've recently purchased a new home and I can't wait to see their new projects.
  6. Fantabulously Frugal - I love a good deal and she blogs about the greatest deals.
  7. Nicole's Guide to Style - A recently engaged, California girl whose style I would love to replicate if I had unlimited funds so I live vicariously through her posts.
  8. The Chloe Conspiracy - Amazing sense of style and unique way of styling outfits. I owe her for my favorite brown Frye boots.
  9. Gigi's Gone Shopping - She takes care of the "trying on" for me. Gigi visits all my favorite stores and tries on the latest trends, photographs the out
  10. We Love DC - Since I live in the DC area, I love checking out this blog for everything that's going on in and around the city.

1 comment:

Life at the White House said...

This TOTALLY made my day - I'm flattered!!!! I need to start blogging more! Aghhh!!! Big news coming soon! :)

And ps - LOVE your blog too.....always something new and fun that I decide I *must* have! The Keurig is on my Christmas list because of your blog!


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