Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recent Dress Purchases

As you can tell from many of my blog posts...I'm ready for warmer weather. Here are a two of my recent purchases getting me ready for when it does get warmer.

Note: I need to start wearing make up when I take these pictures...and get a new photographer. Hubby doesn't get me at the best angles.

I purchased this dress last week during Rue La La's Max and Chloe boutique. I love the purple color and the pleating detail around the neckline. Click here if you still haven't signed up for Rue La La. This dress retails for over $100 and I got it for $39.50!

I blogged about this Banana Republic dress a few weeks ago and decided to buy it when they were having 35% off select work outfits. Love this dress. It's light weight, sits nicely and will be perfect for work...and look better once I have a tan.


dinagideon said...

Purple is definitely your color. :) Love it!

I received your e-mail, I will e-mail back fairly soon. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute dresses! It's ok, Tim sucks at taking good pictures for the blog too! And he doesn't understand why I always make him take them over!

Virginia Belle said...

They look great! That BR dress is perfect and the material looks amazing.


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