Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - My Favorite "Coupon" Sites

Groupon started it all. From what I can remember, they were the first big "coupon" site to come out and start this big trend.

PROS: Have some amazing national deals to places like Red Envelope, Old Navy, etc.
CONS: Haven't had many deals lately that appeal to me. The reward system isn't very only get $10 after someone signs up using your link and purchases a Groupon. I feel like everyone is signed up for Groupon now so it limits you.

The next company to jump on the "coupon" train. And I believe one of the first companies to start advertising on TV. They are very clever commercials.

PROS: Lately they've had lots of deals that really appeal to me and I love their reward system...three of your friends buy the deal you bought and you get it for free. This has happened to me a few times!
CONS: Don't know of any. Do you have any?

PROS: Recently redid their their new look.
CONS: Not many deals that appeal to me but since they redid the site they've had some great deals. Similar reward system as Groupon but you only get $5 for each person.

PROS: Twice they featured deals from my favorite sushi place.
CONS: Other than the sushi place there haven't been any other deals that appeal to me. Similar reward system as Groupon and you can only invite through email.

This site gives great deals for deals from Etsy sellers. Works like the other "coupon" sites but with Etsy sellers. Click here to access.

PROS: Love exploring new Etsy sellers.
CONS: Very addicting and lots of amazing things I want to buy!

So those are the sites that I check out regularly. What sites do you check out for great "coupon" deals?


Kara said...
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Katherine said...

I love all these deal sites as well - have you tried Yipit? It consolidates a lot of them :)

gigiofca said...

The deals aren't too exciting anymore in my are. A huge, big con is how many emails Groupon and Living Social send. I don't need a separate email for each deal. Perhaps I need to check my account settings for a fix.


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