Monday, February 27, 2012

First Post Pregnancy Outfit...I think?!?!?!

Thanks to Jenni at Found in my Closet, I think I have found my first post pregnancy outfit. I might not be able to fit into till late summer (baby is due end of May) but I'm loving this outfit she put together so I've added it to my Anthropologie birthday shopping spree...hopefully its still available in June.


If I'm not in the mood for a belt since it's already cinched. I'd pair it with lovely necklace.


And if it gets chilly, I can pair it with this nice cardigan.


Definitely check out Jenni's blog. She has amazing style and I love how she styles the latest pieces from stores like Anthropologie and J.Crew.

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gigiofca said...

Aw, you're gonna be a mama! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. You're heading in the right direction w/the maxi. You will want something loose to transition into and a maxi is perfect. I wore them for a couple months postpartum and the weather was still warm. I had no interest in belts, though, which I wore while pregnant. Go figure.


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