Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help Decorating the Nursery

I need some help deciding what to put on the walls of our baby girl's nursery. I will warn you this is going to be a long post because there are for walls and nook. Let me know what you think of my ideas and please feel free to suggest any new ideas.

This is the main wall in the nursery and is fairly long. The crib is about center to the wall with rocker on one side. I definitely want to do something with her name of first initial as the focal point in the center above the crib and then maybe something on either side.

For letters we are looking at these adorable ones that would be customized to match the bedding. Her first name is short (four letters) so it won't take up too much space.

OR just do a large letter above the crib in a light pink

So which do you like better? Are there other letters that I should be looking at or maybe a different idea all together? What should we put on either side of the crib?

Next up above the changing table. I found inspiration through this and I think I want to recreate it on this wall.

I found these frames at Land of Nod and I'm thinking about getting two and decorate them with a mix of books, prints and stuffed animals? What do you think...two frames on top of each other?

Next up the wall above the dresser and small space in between the two windows. I think the space in both of these areas can be a mix of ideas. Please ignore the no window treatments...that's another thing I need to add to my list. The items on the dresser other than the lamp and sound machine can be moved. I just put them their because I want to include these pieces in decor.

I really like this idea of using nice planters on the wall for stuffed animals. I think it would work great in either spot. Which spot do you like better?

So if the planters go on one wall then what do I do on the other wall. I definitely would like to incorporate this print somewhere. Thoughts?

I just threw a lot of ideas out there and I'm really hoping you all can help me pull these ideas together into a beautiful nursery for my baby girl. Let me know your thoughts on my decorating ideas and any new ideas you may have. Thanks is advance for all the feedback!


Theresa said...

Whew! That's a lot of decisions! Okay my opinions are: go with spelling the whole name out instead of just the one initial. I also like the idea of the two shelves above the changing table. Be careful not to overdo whatever you choose to put on them, I think less is more here. Also, I think the planters would look great between the windows & the frame printed above the dresser. Hope some of those ideas helped!

Theresa said...

Oops, I meant framed print! :)

[darci @ the good life] said...

i say go for just the initial....and i love those bookshelves... add some fun, pops of color there, but do keep it simple!

i LOVED working on j's nursery --- i wish i lived closer and i'd help out in a heartbeat!!

you have some great ideas and it will all come together ... it's always helped me to just go ahead and buy the several things i had in mind, put them up, and then pick my favorite and return the other. so bad, i know!


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