Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEED HELP - Ideas and Inspiration for a Photo Shoot

I'm so excited that my amazing and talented cousin is going to take our maternity/pregnancy pictures this weekend. I need your help though...I have NO idea what to wear! Any recommendations? The goal is to take pictures outside but right now the weather isn't looking too good. It's early in the week so hopefully it will be ok. Also, let me know if you have any ideas for inspiration for the photos. I've been completely overwhelmed at work the past couple weeks and it's not ending for another two more weeks so any ideas you have would be GREATLY appreciated!


Aliya said...

I think a fitted tee and a long cardi are the most flattering for photos of any kind, esp maternity ones! That way it puts emphasis on the belly and hides any other "trouble" spots, haha... not that you have any, but thats what worked for me! :)

gigiofca said...

I took photos twice and did dresses both times. It was summertime. One was a red maxi that I wore w/a flower pinned at the top of my belly. The second was a knee length purple dress that I wore w/a turquoise cardi. I say go bright!


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