Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Coupons

Did you know that takes your manufacturer coupons??!?!?!  My cubemate at work told me about it the other day and I had to research and share with all of you.  I haven't done it yet, we are pretty stocked up on stuff till the baby comes but I will be sure to do it when we need our next order.  And the double bonus is you can use Ebates for cash back.  Not familiar with Ebates, check out a post I did here.

Here's how coupons on works:

  • You send your coupons and/or formula checks to the address below.  You must include either a packing slip from a recent order or include a piece of paper that has your 1) NAME, 2) EMAIL ADDRESS and 3) BILLING STREET ADDRESS.  Include one of these options with your coupons to expedite handling.
P.O. Box 483
Jersey City, NJ 07303

  • You must get your coupons in the mail and allow time for processing before you place your order. Upon receiving your coupons and/or formula checks, will apply them to your account for use on the specific product(s) listed on the coupon before the expiration date on the coupon. It may take up to 7-10 business days to process the coupons before they appear in your account.
  • You can view your coupons by logging in and going to "My Account" and then clicking on "My Manufacturer Coupons." On the shopping cart screen, your coupons will automatically be applied to eligible purchases. *You no longer need to enter an electronic code to apply them.
Here are some check points to make sure you get credit for the coupon -
  • Have an expiration date that is at least 1 week from the day they RECEIVE them.
  • Be general manufacturer's coupons and not have a specific store name on them (i.e.Target, etc.)
  • Be for the exact product that sells, including the sizes available on the site.
  • For diapers they should read "jumbo pack or larger" or "any size package of diapers." For wipes, they should read "any size package of wipes."
  • There is a limit of one coupon per specific product purchase.

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