Thursday, October 11, 2012

Must Have Baby Products - Four Months Old

I can't believe that my baby girl is four months old already.  Since the "gear" and my "must haves" are constantly changing, I thought I would share the latest and greatest must haves for this stage.

First row of favorites have definitely come in handy the last few weeks as Ella was battling her first cold.  This snot sucker is amazing!  It works so much better than the one the hospital provides.  I know it seems gross that you are the one to "suck out the snot" but there's no way it can end up in your mouth.  Pair this with some saline drops (third item in top row) and it will really help with your baby's congestion.  And lastly for the cold, we broke out the Boogie Wipes to prevent a really red nose every time we wipe. 

Second row includes a Munchkin basket to wash all her bottle parts (we run the dishwasher all the time now).  I really like how this one has a special section for the nipples, it really gets them clean.  Next up is her favorite Baby Einstein toy.  It's plays music and flashes bright lights which really entertain her.  I love that she's starting to take an interest in toys.  Finally we've got the Nuk teething rings.  I know she's not going to get teeth for awhile but she is in the very early stages putting anything and everything she can in her mouth. 

Last row are two of my very favorites.  First are the Mustela facial wipes.  We don't bathe Ella every night but since she's in day care I do like to give her a good clean and these work great.  On the nights we don't give her a bath I just wipe down her face and neck with these.  And lastly the Munchkin formula divider.  This is perfect for when we are out and about.  I measure out her formula and have it ready for three bottles.  The divider system allows the formula to stay in each section and you can easily move from section to section.  Perfect for when we are on the go. 

What are some of your favorite baby products for the 3-5 month stage? 

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