Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revisting the How I Wish Post

I wanted to revisit the post I did last week titled Oh How I Wish.  I got a lot of feedback on the blog and on Facebook and I feel like my post came across a lot more negative then I intended.  First and foremost thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about being there for me, letting me know it gets better, etc.  The post wasn't supposed to be a "poor me" "I can't handle it" type post but rather a release of some pent up feelings and share things that I know a lot of moms feel but don't necessarily express.  So to clarify a little bit - I absolutely love my new life with my family and fall in love with my daughter more and more every day but I'm not going to pretend that I'm super mom or our life is perfect because I'm definitely not and it certainly is far from it.  Things are constantly changing and Hubby and I are trying to figure it all out and make it work for us.  I plan on continuing to share this journey with all of you - the good, bad and occasional ugly.  Hopefully I can share some lessons learned to help make your crazy lives a little easier.  Thanks again to all my readers for the support and advice.  Keep it coming!  And because she's so darn cute I had to share a picture from our recent trip to Florida. 


[darci @ the good life] said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with putting it all out there and sharing true thoughts and true emotions. Some hours / days / weeks / years (ha!) are harder than others and it's all part of it. For anyone that thinks you were too negative with that post..... well, I'm guessing that they either aren't moms or are stay at home moms w/ a full time nanny! HA!!!

You're doing great, girl (and whattttt????.... you look awesome --- you've lost all the baby weight so soon!!).

Sending hugs your way! It only gets easier as their first year progresses! Well, and then they become toddlers and your focus changes to how in the heck your supposed to discipline them. Hardest and most rewarding gig evahhhhh.... right? Now that saying makes perfect sense! :)

MegBice said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty with your blog, and look forward to reading weekly/daily. You were not too negative at all, you were telling it how it is...which is so REFRESHING!! People need reality - life, children, marriage isn't always sunshine and rainbows they all take work and love.

Looking forward to following during the journey :)


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