Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ella is EIGHT Months!!!

Eight months old.  Time is FLYING by!  Ella is so much fun.  She's super smiley, moving and grooving and all around a very happy baby.

We've put a lot of Ella's baby gear away and are moving into the next step of stuff.  She's not quite stable enough to be in the big tub without any support so we blew up the Munchkin duck tub.  It's the perfect amount of space for her.  She can move and splash around but we don't get to worried about her falling over.  Now that she's reaching and grabbing more, we put a cover on the spout.  I like the Skip Hop whale.  It was easy to put on and it doesn't interfere if you need to lift the one thing to shower.  Ella absolutely LOVES this Munchkin ball during bathtime.  It's the most simple thing.  There's a "rattle" in it to make noise and if you fill it up with water and lift it up it "rains" down.  

We've transitioned her out of the newborn car seat (Chico KeyFit 30 - highly recommend) and into the convertible car seat (Britax Marathon).  There's more space so its easier for me to get her in and out and she seems to be more comfortable.  With the new car seat meant no more Snap and Go so we use two strollers now - First Years Ignite umbrella stroller (for the day-to-day daycare drop off/pick up) and BOB running stroller (walks outside and eventually runs once it warms up).

On the toy front you are probably wondering why I put a walking toy on here.  What I love about this V-Tech Sit to Stand is the gadgets and gizmos on the front come off and Ella can play with it n the floor.  She loves it.  I think I know all the songs and phrases by heart she plays with it so much.  Two little toys she loves were Christmas gifts - a small wooden, circular rattle thing (fits in her hands easily and she loves to chew on it) and sensory balls (again fit in her hand and she can make sounds).  With all these toys and it being prime germ season, I wipe everything down regularly/daily with Dapple wipes.

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