Friday, June 23, 2017

REVIEW: Ricky Alessandro Hair Care

I was so excited when my amazing hair stylist told me he started his own hair care line.  I always trust his opinions when it comes to hair care.  He's never steered me wrong.  I've been trying his line for about a month now and it doesn't disappoint!!

Let's start with the Silk + Protein Shampoo and Silk + Protein Conditioner.  I love this duo because it really helps with my dry scalp.  I struggle with flaking and I've seen a huge difference after using these products.  I even switched out and went back to my old shampoo/conditioner and started flaking again.  You don't need a lot of the conditioner...a little goes a long way.  Both shampoo and conditioner are paraben and sulfate free.

Next up is a must in my hair care and I was blown away by it - Air Spray Dry Shampoo.  I LOVE this product.  One of my pet peeves about dry shampoo is seeing the white powder at my roots.  I have yet to see any residual powder and I don't feel the product when I run my fingers through my hair.  And it smells great!!!

Lastly are the hair sprays...the FLEX Light Styling Spray is perfect for me as I don't use a ton of hair spray but every once and awhile I like a little hold when I curl the ends.  The product offers three application settings so you can decide how much hold you want.  Doesn't feel sticky at all...feels like I don't have anything in my hair.  The FLEX+ Hair Spray is a stronger hold...I don't have a need for for a strong hold hairspray but I did use this a few times on my daughter for her ballet recital.  It worked great for her.  Gave her the hold she needed for her bun but when we were done, I brushed it out and her hair looked back to normal.

And DC area ladies (and your husbands) definitely schedule an appointment with Ricky for your cuts and color.  He's amazing...the whole family goes to see him.  He's at Eric Alexander salon.

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