Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's in my Scout bag?

As we spend our first day at the beach, I wanted to share what's in my favorite Scout bag.  I know I've posted about this before but it seriously is the best beach/pool bag.  So much space, bag itself is lightweight and the material is waterproof and very durable.  

First up are the two life vests for the minis.  A bigger one by Speedo for the five year old and a puddle jumper for the two year old.  

The one downside to the bag is there aren't any interior and exterior pockets so I use gallon size bags to keep things organized.  In this baggie I have an assortment of goggles, iPlay beach hats and beach towel clips to keep it secure on the chair.  

Then I have two separate bags one full of wipes and diapers (hopefully this will be the last summer for that) and one full of sunscreen because you can never have too much...apply and reapply!

I have a smaller bag that holds all their toys...some of their favorites include diving wands, dive toys, and squirt guns.

Lastly, my go-to beach blanket.  I've had this one for 10 years I's the perfect waterproof, foldable blanket by JJ Cole...perfect on the sand or grass.  Highly recommend.  And then not shown are towels and a wet/dry bag for the girls wet suits (and another option from Pottery Barn).

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