Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Favorite Thing #62 - Schmitt Sohne Blue Riesling

This favorite thing is another favorite spring/summer wine - Schmitt Sohne Blue Riesling and has been a favorite of mine since college. My dad actually introduced me to this wine and since then I have a bottle in my house at all times. It's perfect for spring/summer because its light and fruity but I love it so much that I drink it year round. It's affordable as well (under $10 a bottle). I'm not that technical with wine (but its one of my goals to learn) and don't know how to specifically describe the wine so I will let their website to that -

"This medium bodied Riesling has peach and fine apple aromas, a firm and fruity palate, and crisp acidity that results in a well balanced, easy to drink wine. It is perfect as an aperitif or to complement a wide array of foods from pork and ham to fish and poultry."


Allie said...

This is my mom's favorite wine, and one I enjoy as well so I always have one in my wine rack at the ready! :)

Krissy said...

Shannon gave me a bottle of this wine for my birthday and it was fabulous!! I always look for it when I'm at the store now.

Chris Klau said...


I'm pleased to know that Schmitt Sohne Blue Riesling is on your list of favorites...it's on mine too. Yes, our Riesling is a delightful summertime beverage and it goes so well with so many foods. Please keep enjoying it!

If you're that big of a fan, I welcome you join the Little German Fan Club at www.littleGerman.com. If you haven't discovered the web site promoting our Blue Bottle Riesling, I think you'll be thoroughly entertained.

Thanks for enjoying the fruits of our labor,

Chris Klau, President, Schmitt Sohne Wines


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