Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Thing #109 - Slim Vermeil Band from Sundance Jewelry

This favorite thing was a Christmas gift from my hubby. I had hinted around that I wanted this and was so glad that he was listening. I've been wearing gold jewelry a lot more lately and have posted about some of my favorite gold pieces - necklace, earrings, and bracelet - so it's only fitting that this ring from Sundance be a favorite. It's such a simple ring that it can go with any outfit. I either wear it on my pointer finger or right hand ring finger...depending on how fat my fingers are that day. It's 18k gold vermeil and has a hammered band. I only wear it by itself right now but it is think enough to intermingle with other rings.

Loving Favorite Thing #9 even more than ever now. My rock n' serve Tupperware is getting a lot of use because I am bringing my lunch almost everyday to work and it's perfect for heating up my leftovers. You can purchase Tupperware online now and I definitely recommend these!

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