Thursday, February 12, 2009

Favorite Thing #114 - Palmolive Pure and Clear Dish Soap

I know this is a random thing to post as a favorite thing but I really love the new Palmolive Pure and Clean Dish soap. I was never loyal to a dish soap before...I just got whatever I had a coupon for. So I picked up a bottle of this because I had a coupon for it and I love it! I love the spring fresh scent. It's the perfect floral, fresh scent. There are no unnecessary chemicals or heavy fragrances. And the bottle is made of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic. Click here to save $0.75. I still refuse to buy dish soap without a coupon so I was very exciting when there was a coupon for this in my Sunday coupons last week! I know I'm such a dork.

I am still obsessed with my Uggs. I did purchase a new pair this year (thank you ebay and my ebay $$). I ended up getting a pair of tall crochet ones. Love them!!! That puts me at four pairs (can you tell I'm obessed). I will probably get another pair next year (since I live in them in the fall/winter). I have my eyes on the classic tall but I'm not sure what color.

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