Friday, March 13, 2009

Favorite Thing #131 - Homemade Pizza

My hubby and I looove to make homemade pizza and it all started when we had dinner at our friends Lisa and Lee's house. We had it at their house one night and from then on we make it at our house one every two weeks or so. It is so easy to make -

1. Start with pizza dough. We prefer the whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's but we've also used Pillsbury Pizza Crust. Roll out the pizza dough into the shape and thickness that you want (you might need some flour to help it not stick). We put the pizza dough on a Pampered Chef Baking Stone. Then spread the pizza sauce. Again we prefer Trader Joe's pizza sauce but any will do. Sprinkle the cheese and then add any toppings you want.

My hubby is the pizza master. I NEVER make it...he always does. Here he is in action sprinkling the cheese.
Here is what the pizza looks like before it goes in the oven. We are "plain Jane" eaters and prefer just cheese...sometimes pepperoni...but usually just cheese.

Bake the pizza at 350 degrees. After its been in for seven minutes turn the pizza. And after another seven minutes turn the pizza again. Then bake it until the cheese cooked how you like. We like ares a little more done as you can see below.

Still loving and using Favorite Thing #31 - Snapfish for all my photo printing and photo product needs. I really have nothing negative to say about Snapfish. I've always had A+ products and service with them. They value their customers and every couple of months I will get something free - photo book, poster print, etc. And I get 10% cash back through ebates!


Keri said...

Your homemade pizza is delicious! :O)

mikey said...

Thanks Keri. Tell me something that I don't know.

Ann said...

We love to make pizza too! We're experimenting with scratch pizza doughs right now, but in a pinch we'll run to a local pizza shop and buy some dough from them. Most will do it and it makes your homemade pizza taste THAT much better!

We have the Pampered Chef baking stone as well and it is perfect for pizza.


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