Monday, March 2, 2009

My Banana Republic Shopping Spree

Since selling a bunch of ebay items I decided to treat myself to a Banana Republic shopping spree. I did two different rounds of purchases. First one was online and I took advantage of the 20% + additional 10% off and bought two pairs of shoes. I actually do need these shoes because the ones in my closet that these are replacing are several years old and are just too worn. I did these purchases via ebates so I will be getting cash back and I had a gift card to BR.

The other purchases were done in store. They were having an event last week that my friend Shannon and I went to. As far as the event goes I was disappointed. I thought it was going to be a closed event to BR Insiders since I got an invitation and had to RSVP. Well it was open to anyone (just those that RSVPed got a gift bag) and there were way too many people which made it hard to shop. The plus side to it was any full price item was 30% off. I also had another gift card so it was all worth it. I was actually disappointed in most of the stuff that I tried on but did manage to pick up these two dresses.

Silk pleated dress

Jersey empire-waist dress

I will never buy anything full price at Banana Republic again. In my goodie bag I got a coupon for another 30% off and with all these purchases I should be getting a reward gift card from BR too!


J said...

Will you post a pic of the Robyn shoes when you get them? I've been eyeing them as well!

Christina said...

Absolutely! They should be arriving any day now (they were shipped last week). And I owe you a Look 4 Less review with the Arden B. sweater.

J said...

Great, can't wait to see what you think of the shoes. Also, I'd love a review on the ArdenB sweater! Just email me whenever you want to submit it. :)

Sandra said...

Interesting!! Love the selection of Banana Republic dresses and shoes... Green one is my favorite!!


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