Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Need of a New Blow Dryer

My apologies for the unexpected week departure of posts.  Our house was struck with the stomach bug.  It was nasty but thankfully everyone is healthy and the house has been disinfected once again.  I've been noticing that my blow dryer is starting to die out on me.  It's not as powerful and definitely doesn't get as hot as it once did.  I'm debating on whether or not to stick with the one I've loved or try a new one.  I love this blow dryer because it was affordable, did a great job, was lightweight and I could get it on Amazon Prime (fast).  This guy has lasted me almost two years.  I use it almost every day so at around $30 it's the perfect one for me.  I'm definitely willing to try something new but I don't want to spend a fortune.  So tell me...what's your favorite blow dryer?  


Ann said...

I was going through cheap blow dryers every 8 months for awhile and finally bit the bullet and bought one at Ulta. It's the Hot Tools Tempest 2000 Salon Turbo IONIC Dryer. At $70 (without coupons) it wasn't super expensive, so I felt like if I didn't completely fall in love it wouldn't be a total loss. It's great! I've noticed a different with my hair, too - not as frizzy and it cut my drying time down, too.

amandajernigan said...

I have the same exact one and mine is dying too..less power, strange temperature. I just bought a John Frieda one from Target (i think it was around $50) and I love it!!! Night and day difference from the dying Remington.


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