Friday, February 1, 2013

Taking My Life Fully Electronic...

Our house is full of electronics - iPods, iPhones and iPads - and we use them but I don't think I fully take advantage of the wonderful technology.  Recently I was given an iPad mini and I've debated on what to do with it.  I keep thinking that I need to take my life fully will help manage our schedules, my to do list, emails, the blog, etc.  I've debated returning the iPad mini for an iPad mini 3G and really take the full digital plunge.  I'm sure a lot of people say...why wouldn't you...what's holding you back?  Well, I'm obsessed with paper...writing things down, jotting down every thought and activity.  I know I could probably simplify my life with a few apps so I need your help.  Please share your helpful tips on how to do it.  Whether it's apps, short cuts or ways to condense, I'm all ears!!!  Here's a list of the things I'd like to be able to do if I go fully digital.

1.  Manage my personal calendar, work calendar, husband's calendar and daughters calendar ALL IN ONE
2.  Keep my to do list and have it easily accessible
3.  Have a blogging "file" where I can start blog posts, write down ideas, etc.
4.  It has to be simple.  It's so easy for me to pull out my notebook and write something down.
5.  A place to jot random things down...make packing lists, gift buying lists, thank you lists, etc.

Right now to keep my life organized, I carry around my Erin Condren planner (which I love), an Erin Condren notebook for lists, my iPhone and my work blackberry.  If I could narrow it down to an iPad mini, iPhone and work phone I'd be ecstatic.

So me go from this...

to this!!!


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Lisa said...

we use the Cozi calendar for all our family's appts. Len and I can both access it from any computer and add or see appointments. It's been invaluable for us.


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