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DRESSING ROOM DIARIES - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Apologies in advance for this looong post but I wanted to outline for you all of my dressing room reviews from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  More reviews to come as my online orders come in.  I've tried to organize by category and top picks so hopefully its a little easier to navigate.  Happy Shopping!!


On the left is my favorite Halogen cashmere vest.  Love, love, love.  I also ordered it in black...going to be hard  Must buy for sure!  One of the left was a surprising favorite from Hinge.  It's not cashmere but feels like it is.  Love the bell sleeve and elbow detail.  Another must buy and it's under $60!  

Two more favorite cashmere sweaters.  Left is Nordstrom Collection and seriously will be the softest thing you will ever wear.  Right is Vince and it's not as soft because there's wool in it but it's still amazing.  Highly recommend both.  

This is a great Free People sweater.  Very flattering.  Comes in a variety of colors.  Great split black but not too revealing.  And it's under $50! 

Two more cashmere offerings from Nordstrom collection. They are nice and I like both sweaters but they aren't top of my list for this year's purchases.  Left one comes in a variety of colors and right one is also offered in a burgundy.

Last of the sweaters is this great transition piece by Two by Vince.  Love the waffle knit and the chunky turtleneck.  Available in a variety of colors but I'm partial to this great pink.  

Both of these coats are keepers (I think).  I love the faux leather sleeve Laundry coat.  Gives a twist on a classic black it's doesn't break the bank, it's just over $100.  I just adore this plaid Halogen coat...the three quarter sleeve are perfection.  It will dress up any fall outfit.  The rest of the outfit for me was eh - skirt and shirt worked nice together but just wasn't me.

Loved this shirt and jacket combo.  Jacket is so soft and the shirt paired so nicely.  Didn't pull the trigger because I just couldn't justify how often I would wear it and there are a lot of other items on my must buy list.  Having a little bit of regret...jacket also comes in gray.  I order it in my online order so we'll see what I ultimately decide.  Did any of you get it?

Both of these jackets were ok but not winners for me.  I really wanted the Caslon twill (on the left) to be a winner but it was way to lightweight for what I was looking for.  The Hinge brown leather (on the right) was just ok...I didn't love.  I'm still on the hunt for a brown/camel leather coat so I have a Trouve one and Andrew Marc one on order to see if I like one of them better.  

Really like this Topshop blazer...the sleeve detail and ruffle trim are perfect.  It would have been a definite winner if it was available in a different color.  I like the blue but I already have one in my closet.  Definitely recommend if you on the hunt for a navy blazer.  

This Lush top is a no brainer.  It's the perfect tee for $15.  It's soft....very flattering...and comes in a variety of colors.  I highly recommend.  It's one of my top picks (so far) from this year's sale.

I liked this Madewell top but didn't love it.  It a cute take on a classic button down.  The fit was great but there were so many other great items from this year's sale that I wanted to take advantage of so I passed.
This was a surprising love...the Socialite tee wasn't even on my radar but my shopper suggested I try it and I fell in love.  It's so soft.  Great for an everyday long sleeve tee.  Love the waffle reminds me of a Free People shirt I have in a few colors.  And the price point is great at $24.  

I loved everything about this Zella Don't Sweat It sweater except for the color.  I already have something similar in my closet and unfortunately this was the only color offered.  Definitely recommend if dark gray is something you are looking for.  

This Chelsea28 dress is one of my top purchases so far this sale.  It's the perfect shift dress and the ruffle detail on the shoulders just gives it an extra special touch.  Highly recommend this dress!  

Love this Cupcakes and Cashmere off the shoulder number.  Simple floral pattern...cinched waist and the best part is there's pockets.  I love a dress with pockets.  This fabric also comes in a shift style, sleeveless version.  

I really like this button back Halogen dress but I have one similar already in my closet so I didn't pull the trigger.  The drop waist and button details on the back and really nice touches.  Dress also comes in another black floral pattern and solid black.  

These Sam Edelman bow flats are amazing!!!  Such a great twist on a ballet flat.  They are super comfortable and come in a variety of colors.  I'm on the fence about keeping this floral pattern or the black leather ones.  I'm waiting on the black ones to come in and then I'll make a decision.  What do you think?

I'm on the hunt for a new pair of Tory Burch flats as my 5+ year old pairs have seen better days.  I was hoping these Claire ballerina flats would work because the price is so good for them during sale time ($164).  For me they didn't work because the toe wasn't as rounded as I like in the Minnie's so I'm just going to wait and bite the bullet on some new Minnie's in the near future.

The hunt is over for a pair of black slip ons thanks to these Vince Corbins.  Absolutely love them.  They fit so well and are super comfortable.  They come in a variety of colors and fabrics.  The ones in the picture are black velvet but I got the leather.  Highly recommend these!  

Well there you have it all my dressing room photos.  My reviews to come as my online orders come in.  I want to hear from you.  What did you get at this year's sale?

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