Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HOME TOUR - Reorganizing My Home Office

I don't have a very big office at home...our dedicated home office goes to my husband because he works from home when he isn't traveling.  Since I go to an office almost every day I got stuck with a small little nook off our kitchen.  Don't get me wrong it does the job but I would LOVE a bigger place if only for the purpose of decorating.  Maybe if this blog thing gets big enough I'll get to kick him out.  :)  Anyway, because this space is right off the kitchen it tends to get cluttered because it can be a dumping ground for things.  Well enough was enough and this weekend I cleaned it out and did a little reorganizing thanks to Target.  And no this isn't an ad or sponsored post...they don't care about my little ol' blog...this was just me and my love for Target.  I totally forgot to take before pictures but trust me, there was a lot of STUFF cluttering the space.  Let me take you on a tour...

 Here's an overview of the space...I told you it's not very big.  All of the stuff on the walls was there already.  It was the desktop area itself that needed some help.  I'll go into each space in more detail below.  The chair and hanging frame were HomeGoods purchases and the knobs on the cabinets were changed out by me to give it a little more of my style.  They are from Pottery Barn...check them out here.

Ok, let's explore each small nook of this mini office.  First up is my calendar from Pottery Barn Teen...yes I know I'm 35...but have no shame in buying from somewhere that targets folks twenty years younger than me.  This is where I try and keep track of our life...mainly when am I traveling and when is my husband traveling.  It's a wipe board so I can color coordinate it to make it fun.  I had used the cork board to the right for pinning random papers, coupons but it just got WAY to cluttered so I'm keeping it to just pictures of my minis.  More on where the cluttered papers went down below.
On the other wall I have this organizer from Pottery Barn.  The top shelf is simply for decoration but the bottom holder has all my dry erase markers, highlighters and colored pens.  I don't think they offer these in the organization system any more but there are a lot of other great options.

Here's part one of where the clutter went.  I picked up a desk organizer from Target's Threshold line to store stamps, address labels, post-it notes and a few other items like lotion, paper clips, etc.  Then I got this adorable pen holder from Target...perfect place to keep them handy so they aren't all over the place.

Lastly in the right corner of the desk I have this hammered letter sorter where I'm putting a majority of the clutter...notepads, coupons, mail to be taken care of, Jamberry catalog, etc.  Perfect size and holds everything I have.  To make the area look a little more cozy I included this Kate Spade frame (10 years old) and one of my favorite candles from Simpatico.

I've included all the items from this redo that are currently available below.  Happy shopping...and happy organizing!!!
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