Friday, January 18, 2013

Somewhat back on track...Ella is SEVEN months old!

I know I say this every month but I can't believe my baby girl is SEVEN months old.  She's growing up so fast.  She's got two teeth, eats three "meals" a day and is now holding her bottle on her own.  It's all going too fast.  Here are some of the products that haven't gotten us through month seven. 

Last month was all about the feeding and this month is all about the toys.  Ella is really into toys now.  She's crawling up a storm so we lay a bunch of fun things on the new floor (middle, top row) in her play room.  Let's start at the top row - she LOVES Sophie like most babies.  I really didn't think she was going to be into as much as she is...she loves her so much I got a second one (cheaper on Amazon) so we have a back up.  Since she's on the move we decided to create a playroom (pictures to come).  It's hard wood in that room so we need durable, cushioned flooring for it.  I picked up two packages of foam letters that we put together and it looks great (similar here).  As I mentioned, Ella has gotten two teeth.  She's been gnawing on everything and anything she can get her hands on.  Per a friend's recommendation, I picked up these great teething rings.  They are easy for her to hold and have different types of ridges so she can pick which feels best on her gums.   

Second row is one of Ella's new best friends, Fisher Price's Laugh and Learn Puppy.  It was a gift from her Godfather and aunt.  She loves "playing with it" meaning she wrestles it and chews on the different limbs.  Eventually she'll start understanding the different features.  Another favorite toy is a classic from when I was growing up, the Rock a Stack.  She can't put the rings back together but she loves taking them off and surprise, surprise putting them back in her mouth.  A product we used with her when she was little has returned, the piano playmat now has been brought back into rotation but this time as an actual piano.  She sits at it and pounds away on the keys.  It keeps her attention for a good amount of time.     

Finally, the last mom bought this toy for Ella a while ago.  It's a sensory toy from Sassy that has become a big favorite.  This was actually the toy that Ella went to the first time she crawled.  It's nice and small, doesn't make a lot of noise so it's one of my favorites to pack when we are out and about.  We started pulling out some basic bath toys (last items) and we need something to store them in so we've been using this suction cup storage net.  So far so good. 

Here are some older posts of my favorite baby products from Ella's first six months and a look back at how she's grown.

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fawn said...

She's so cute. Slow down, little one!


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