Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Sorting - Lots of Small Organizing

I hear from people all the time, how do you have time to organize? Will you come to my house and do it?  My response back is that it didn't happen overnight....and being a working mom and blogger it takes time.  I have been organizing my house little by little over the last year or so but I still have SO many projects to do.  I try not to get overwhelmed and when I can, I tackle things one project at a time.  This summer was really busy for us so other than doing my swimsuits, I haven't really tackled any new projects till recently.

With the start of a new school year, we aren't traveling for a while so I'm using that time to pick a couple small projects here and there and get them done.  Some take 5 minutes to do like organizing my nail polish and others will take hours like my closet (which is still a work in progress).  But little by little I tackle project by project and the house gets more and more organized (and stays organized).  Here are some of the small projects I've tackled recently. 

#1 - Nail Polish Organization
LOVE this nail polish organizer I got from Amazon. It's double sided and each bottle has its own spot. Now that both minis like to get their nails painted, I'm started to accumulate more and more polish. Get it here...and there's a coupon.

#2 - Adding Another Basket to Pantry

I'm proud to say that we have kept our pantry organized (and pretty tidy) after doing a major reorganization last year. I made one minor adjustment the other day and added another basket from Target to the bottom to store our extra bags...plastic and paper. And that small change has made a huge difference. No longer are bags starting to creep out. They have their place. Check out my original post on my pantry organization here.

#3 - Organizing Spices

I personally don't like having my spices out on the counter. I like as few things on my kitchen counters as possible so my spices need to be tucked away in a cabinet. And since I have a lot of storage space, I'm able to spread mine out over one cabinet. I use 10" lazy susans to keep them organized and easy to access. Savory spices on the right and sweet spices on the left. Amazon also has a lot of options for lazy susans. I personally like the flat wood ones because they are easy to clean

#4 - Bathroom Drawer Organization
Hubby and I each have a small drawer in our bathroom and it was constantly getting cluttered and disorganized so I picked up these small interlocking containers from Target to give it some more structure. I love these because there are different sizes that you can mix and match. And two weeks in and it has stayed organized. Now Hubs wants to do it to his. I just ordered some more for him and for me because next I want to tackle my night stand drawer...and let me tell you, it's a hot mess.

#5 - Electronics Stuff on the Go
I used to do a lot of traveling for work so I need to have all my electronics handy but organized.  I use this cute little bag and fill it with all my necessities.  Everything is organized and easy to access since I have all the wires tied up.  
Chargers use these magnetic clips to stay together and the headphones are organized with these wraps.  The bag also fits my wireless ear buds, plug, and suction phone stand.  

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