Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Favorite Thing #45 - In an Instant

I read this In an Instant last year on my honeymoon and the reason I picked it up was because I was very intrigued by Bob Woodruff's story. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, Bob Woodruff was co-anchor of ABC's World News Tonight and was covering a story in Iraq. While he was ridding in a military tank, an improvised explosive device (IED) went off and he and his cameraman were hit. As a result of this accident Bob suffered a traumatic brain injury.

This book "is the frank and compelling account of how Bob and Lee Woodruff’s lives came together, were blown apart, and then were miraculously put together again–and how they persevered, with grit but also with humor, through intense trauma and fear. More than a dual memoir of love and courage, In an Instant is an important, wise, and inspiring guide to coping with tragedy–and an extraordinary drama of marriage, family, war, and nation." As much as this story is about Bob's injury its told in the perspective of his wife. It gives real insight into the struggles of marriage and how two people in love can conquer anything.

Here is an editorial review from Amazon:

There's a reason Lee Woodruff's name comes first in this collaboration. While this celebrity memoir revolves around the war injuries suffered by ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff, it's really his wife's story. Drawn from the journals she kept during his recovery and also delving deeply into the history of the couple's courtship and family life, this gritty memoir is well served by Lee's capable and compelling speaking voice. Woodruff's vocal control is strong, even mesmerizing, and she peppers the grave reminiscences with funny stories and witty observations. Her voice sometimes breaks with emotion, whether describing her fears after learning of her husband's condition or earlier heartaches when coping with a miscarriage or learning of the profound hearing loss of one of their twin daughters. Bob intervenes occasionally to describe his family, various career ups and downs, and what he remembers about the incident that rendered him a casualty of war. Listeners may wish to have a tissue or two on hand while they listen to this beautiful story of marriage for better and for worse.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Favorite Thing #44 - Enzo Peep Toe Shoes

This favorite thing is the PERFECT work shoe for the spring and summer months - the 'Maylie' Peep Toe Pump by Enzo Angiolini. I bought a pair of these last year because I really wanted something different than my usual everydy pumps. And I get complements on them all the time. These shoes are simple black leather with a small peep toe to show off your pedicure! They are available at Nordstrom right now for $88.95.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Favorite Thing #43 - Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle

I have been wearing this favorite thing for a long time. It really is a classic scent that can be worn by most women in any age group. What I like best about this scent is that its perfect for anytime of year (winter, spring, etc.) and any occasion. It's not overbearing for work or play. Nordstrom's describes Coco Mademoiselle as "sexy, fresh oriental fragrance recalls the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Thing #42 - Target Dollar Bins

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Target Dollar Bins! I have found some really great things in them...and the best thing is it's a DOLLAR!!! Some of my favorite finds include handmade cards for every occasion, football entertaining pieces - football toothpicks, etc., iTunes for Dummies (not for me but my you!), and stickers/fun goodies for our favorite girls - Maddie and Alexa. It's definitely hit or miss but I find that I hit more times than miss. They have great seasonal stuff - you know the cute things you want to get for Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc but don't want to pay a ton of money for.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Favorite Thing #41 - August Rush

I saw August Rush in theaters with my two friends Lisa and Shannon and we absolutely LOVED the movie!!!! In fact, after the movie was over we sat in our seats for a good 10 minutes and just talked about how great it was. It was recently released on DVD and went out and bought it. The movie is a love story with some amazing music throughout. The one thing that my friends and I commented on is the way the music just seamlessly flowed with the storyline. The movie stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who actually sings in the movie), Keri Russell (who learned how to play the cello for the role), Robin Williams (who didn't play his usual comedic role), and Freddie Highmore. The movie is absolutely amazing you just have to watch it. Right now its on sale for $19.99 at Amazon.

Below is a review of the movie from Amazon:

Music has long been considered a universal language with the power to bring people together, but can the simple act of playing music possibly unite a child with a mother and father who live in two different cities and don't even know of the child's existence? Having shared one extraordinary night, classical cellist Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell) and Irish singer and songwriter Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) were a union meant to be that was torn apart by circumstances and a protective father (William Sadler). After eleven years, both Lyla and Louis have given up performing only to find that they are unhappy and searching for a sense of fulfillment that will ultimately lead both artists back to music and performing. Evan (Freddie Highmore) is an 11-year old orphan who's grown up hearing music in everything around him and is convinced that his real parents want him and will find him with the help of music. Driven by his innate musical genius and a powerful compulsion to perform before the world, Evan runs away from the orphanage and is initially taken in by a street man known as Wizard (Robin Williams) who encourages his musical talent and renames him August Rush and, later, by a local priest who arranges for August to receive a Julliard education. August is a child prodigy who excels beyond even the wildest expectations and earns the opportunity of a lifetime--a chance to perform in front of an enormous audience in New York's Central Park. The question is; can his performance possibly reach the audience August really craves? While elements of this film are completely unbelievable (take August's instant prowess on the guitar or his immediate and sophisticated grasp of musical notation and musical theory), the message of the universality of music and the notion that "the music is all around us, all you have to do is listen" is both compelling and powerful. --Tami Horiuchi

The music is so amazing that I bought the soundtrack on iTunes. It's definitely worth getting at least a few songs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Favorite Thing #40 - Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

This favorite thing is in almost every room in my house - Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. They fresh your home with a subtle, fragrant scent and they are cute looking so its not tacky. They simply plug into your socket and you just leave it and within a few hours your room will have a nice, fresh, scent. There are a variety of scents to choose from. Some of my favorites include: Cotton Blossom (bathroom), Japanese Cherry Blossom (bedroom), Midnight Pomegranate (living room), and Cucumber Melon (bathroom). Scent last 6-8 weeks and the wallflower is adjustable so it can fit either vertical or horizontal. Right now Wallflower starter kits are on sale for 2 for $20.00 and refills (two to a pack) are on sale for 2 for $20.00.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Gift Idea Friday - Men's Valet from Red Envelope

My dad and father-in-law are probably the two hardest people in my life to buy presents for. They have everything they want, need, etc. But I found the perfect gift two Christmas' ago from Red Envelope - Men's Valet. It's the man's version of a jewelry box. This version of the valet is a beautiful chestnut wood with compartments for all of their gadgets. Red Envelope is always coming out with updated versions of their valet with new functions and different types of surfaces (wood, metal, etc.). This version has the following features:

  • chestnut-stained exterior

  • modern brushed-nickel details

  • chocolate-colored leather top with beveled edges

  • drawers lined with blue faux suede

  • two cord cut-outs in back panel accommodate wiring for cell phones, music players and PDAs measures 14 1/4 " x 11" x 4" high

  • optional plaque may be engraved with up to three initials

This is a no-fail gift (unless they already have one). I also bought my husband one and he uses it everyday. On one end of the dresser is my jewelry box and on the other end is his valet.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review - sTori Telling

So I just finised reading Tori Spelling's tell all book about her life - sTori Telling. I know what you are thinking - i can't believe you read that. Well I was very curious about her life. I've watched both seasons of her reality show, Tori and Dean: Inn Love and she seemed very real on the show so I was curious as to what was going to be in the book.

It was a very interesting read. Definitely some insight into her life of luxury, the quirks of her father (like why he doesn't fly) and the trouble relationship with her mother. It was a "beach read" not too heavy but kept me entertain and wanting to read more. The book definitely is true to the doesn't buy you happiness.

Here is a review from Amazon:

She was television's most famous virgin--and, as Aaron Spelling's daughter, arguably its most famous case of nepotism. Portraying Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, Tori Spelling became one of the most recognizable young actresses of her generation, with a not-so-private personal life every bit as fascinating as her character's exploits. Yet years later the name Tori Spelling too often closed--and sometimes slammed--the same doors it had opened.

sTORI Telling is Tori's chance to finally tell her side of the tabloid-worthy life she's led, and she talks about it all: her decadent childhood birthday parties, her nose job, her fairy-tale wedding to the wrong man, her so-called feud with her mother. Tori has already revealed her flair for brilliant, self-effacing satire on her VH1 show So NoTORIous and Oxygen's Tori & Dean: Inn Love, but her memoir goes deeper, into the real life behind the rumors: her complicated relationship with her parents; her struggles as an actress after 90210; her accident-prone love life; and, ultimately, her quest to define herself on her own terms.

From her over-the-top first wedding to finding new love to her much-publicized--and misunderstood--"disinheritance," sTORI Telling is a juicy, eye-opening, enthralling look at what it really means to be Tori Spelling.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Favorite Thing #39 - Hobo International Lauren Clutch

This is by far one of my most favorite purchases in the past couple of years. I normally don't buy purses...I know weird but I have my favorites and I don't need to add to the collection. so last year when I lost my black clutch (my go to for any going out/formal event) I wasn't sure what to get. I remember my friend Margaret had a great black clutch that was very functional. I mean let's face it, most small purses really only serve one function - hold your lip gloss and look cute. Well that all changed when I bought favorite thing #39 - Hobo Lauren Clutch.

The clutch comes in all different colors - I personally have a black on because it goes with everything. Within the purse there are three different organizational compartments. There are two top frame compartments both with clasp closure. These compartments easily hold my keys, blackberry and camera. Then there is an interior compartment (the purse opens up like a book - held together by a strong magnet) with three card slots, a zip pocket and ID holder with covered magnetic tab closure. Its perfect size: 8 1/2" wide x 5" high.
Thanks again to Margaret for this great favorite thing!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Two of my favorite people share the same birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Teha one of my bestest friends and maid of honor in my wedding. I owe you for helping me meet the love of my life. You are the best!!! We have been through so much together and I don't know if I would have gotten through everything without you! Muah!

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends from college - Laurie!! We had some of the best times in Morgantown together. Love and miss you!!!! Muah!

And a Happy Belated Birthday to another one of my bestest friends, Shannon. I miss not living so close to you!!! I can't wait to celebrate your wedding next year on my birthday...haha!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Favorite Thing #38 - A New Take on Broccoli

So I am back to making my one new recipe a week and since we have so much going on right now with trying to get settled into the new place I am only trying new side dishes. Last night's was a big hit -Broccoli Sauteed in Wine and Garlic. This recipe was courtesy of Fitness magazine and Mario Batali. It was quick and east - took me about 5 minutes to prep and less than 15 minutes to make. It has so much flavor that you almost forgot you were eating a vegetable.

Here's the recipe (serves 6):

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 pound broccoli, cut into spears, lengthwise
6 ounces Frascati or other dry white wine
1 tablespoon red chile flakes
Zest of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 orange

In a 12 to 14-inch saute pan, heat the olive oil and garlic until just sizzling. Add the broccoli and cook, tossing regularly for 8 to 10 minutes, until the stem is tender. Use the wine to slow the cooking down if the garlic begins to brown. When the broccoli is tender, add the chile flakes and zests and place on a platter.

99 calories
4 g protein
12 g carbs
5 g fat (1 g saturated)
5 g fiber


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