Sunday, November 1, 2020

Dressing Room Diaries - October Amazon Try On

Love when it turns to sweater weather. And by sweater weather I mean just cold enough that you need a sweater but not too cold where you need a jacket. I scored a couple of fabulous sweater finds this month that I highly recommend. 

I LOVE the gathered/dolman sleeve style of this sweater. It's SO comfortable. Dress it up or down. Great quality. Fit is true to size. Comes in a few colors. Highly recommend. This one will be on repeat this fall/winter for sure!  

This was one of the clothing purchases from Prime Day. It's from one of my favorite brands, Astr the Label, and it's the perfect holiday sweater. I love the peek-a-boo shoulder because it gives it a little something extra. Fit is true to size. You can dress it up with Spanx and pumps or dress it down with jeans and a pair of Uggs. Fit is true to size. 

Done with the sweaters for this month's review but I've got a few more fabulous finds to share with you.

We got a Peloton during quarantine (best. purchase. ever) and I quickly learned how sweaty I get when I bike so I wanted more of a crop tank...a little more coverage than a sports bra but not full length. And this one is perfect. It's slight padded (they are removable) and gives great support. It's the perfect workout tank. Fit is true to size. Comes in a bunch of colors.  

This was another Amazon Prime Day purchase. Since I'm working from home every day now and I don't need shoes, I've been living in slippers. Sometimes my slippers are too hot for my feet but these new slippers are a good compromise - comfortable, breathable and cute! I normally wear a 6.5 shoe so I got these in a 7-8 and they fit perfectly. There are other colors available too. 

tank / jeans / jacket (similar)

I love a good layering tank and I've had my eye on this one for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and it's awesome. Love the color...lots to pick from. The lace detail is perfect. It works great on its own or layered with a jacket. Highly recommend. 

Ok I'm definitely not a fall hat girl. I really, really wanted to be and I'm glad I tried but it just doesn't work for me. I see so many of you rockin it and it looks fabulous on you but me, not so much. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Target Tuesday - Overdue Try On Session

shirt (similar) / skirt

I just want to twirl, twirl, twirl in this fabulous pleated skirt. This is so fabulous. I love everything about it, the print, fit and colors. Wear it now and again in the spring. It can be worn so many different ways, dressed up and down. Very versatile piece. It's a keeper for me and you should grab one too. If floral isn't your thing, there are two solid options too.

Love a waffle shirt in the fall. They are great on their own or layered with a cute button down or sweater. This one from Wild Fable brand is super cute. Soft material with a hi low waist. Comes in a few colors. Fit is true to size. The white is a bit see-through so you might want a cami underneath.

Absolutely LOVE this top! The fabric is perfect for the fall transition weather...very breathable. Love the bubble style sleeves. You can easily dress it up or down and pair with shorts or pants. I was unsure of the color but really love the yellow. If this isn't your cup of tea, there are lots of colors or prints to pick from. Fit is true to size. Highly recommend. 

If you saw my last Target Tuesday post, then you know I'm a BIG fan of the fall transition dress. I don't know how I missed this one in the first go-round but it' definitely fits the bill. Love the babydoll style and the exaggerated sleeves. The length is great and overall fit is perfect (true to size). If you aren't a fan of this print, check out the solid teal one. Love it. 

Here's another fabulous floral print dress but a completely different color palette. And this one actually probably fits my skin tone best. Comes in a few color options. Love the lace trim detail with the tiered skirt. I found this one ran a bit small, I'm in an XS and I'm returning it for a small. Highly recommend! 

Another super cute fall top. I love the print, longer short sleeve style and ruffle detail. Fit is true to size. Comes in a couple of prints if this one isn't your thing. Wear it now for fall and then again in when we get into spring with white jeans. Love, love! 

I love a good sweater dress. I don't really have anywhere to wear this too right now (except when I work from home). This green is the PERFECT color for fall. If that's not your thing they have few other colors. Material is very soft, not itchy at all. Fit is true to size. Highly recommend. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Five Friday Favorites - Looks for Fall

Temperatures here are a bit all over the place but I think in a few weeks if will definitely feel like fall. Sharing five of my favorite fall looks that work for a variety of occasions. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dressing Room Diaries - September Amazon Try On

A fun mix of summer and fall transition finds on Amazon this month. Check out the try ons! 

I'm obsessed with this dress...yes I should have steamed it before trying it on but I was lazy. I love the tiered detail and the ruffle sleeves. Such a fabulous dress. Wear on it's own or pair with a jacket. Comes in a bunch of colors. I'm wearing a small and it fits great.

I love a good maxi dress and this one is SO cute. Such a pretty blue print and cute details with the strapless ruffle top. Now I'm 5'1" so it's a bit long on me if I wear flats but perfect if I'm in heels. Other prints available. Fit is true to size.

Now give me a little break on the photo, I took it post workout because I had to capture the amazing-ness of these shorts. I'm a big fan of Lululemon Speed Up Shorts but wanted to find some at a better price point. Well I found them thanks of course as always to Amazon and the CRZ YOGA brand. Overall the fit and weight of the shorts is the same. I found them to be very comfortable to run/do a workout in. Fit is true to size (I'm wearing a small)They also come in a 2.5" version that I want to try next.

I should have steamed this one as well but I couldn't wait to try it on. It is AMAZING...the perfect fall romper. Love the ruffles on the shorts and arms. Hubs was obsessed too...she said it made my legs look long and lean. Comes in a few colors. Fit is true to size, I'm in a small. Definitely recommend this one!
Looking for cozy PJs then take a look at this set. Nice and comfortable and I'm just obsessed with this pink print. If it isn't your thing there are TONS of prints to pink from including a bunch of tie dye which is so in right now. I'm in a small which is oversized but I like that with my PJs. If you want more of a true fit, consider sizing down.

I loved this dress when I put it on. The color and fit is on point. I'm 5'1" so to find a maxi dress that doesn't require alterations is huge! Unfortunately as I was about to walk out the door my husband said it's completely see through. Oops! When the light hit it at just the right angle you could see everything. So back in the packaging and returned it went. :(

sweatshirt / shorts (similar)

Loving this sweatshirt from Amazon Essentials line. I love for a bunch of reasons - 1) it's under $20 2) the stripes match up perfectly with shorts I already have and 3) it's super comfortable. I'm wearing a small and it fits great. If the stripe isn't for you, check out all the other colors that are available.

I really, really wanted to like this dress. I've seen so many of my other blogger friends rocking it and I thought it could be the perfect fall transition...working from home dress. Well it just didn't work on me. I think I'm too petite for it. Overall I felt like I was wearing a Little House on the Prairie potato sack. I think this would work on the right body type so definitely try it for yourself...and if it works, send me a picture so I can share!

As we transition to fall it's super chilly in the morning and then warm in the afternoon. This Daily Ritual tank which is under $10 is the perfect piece for fall. Layer it with a sweater or jacket in the morning and then shed your layers in the afternoon. Fit is true to size (I'm in an XS). Other colors available.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Target Tuesday - Fall Transition Pieces

Whenever I go back to work (hoping its by October...once I have things figured out I'll share more), I've decided even if it's work from home I'm still somewhat dressing up to feel normal so of course that means I need some new fall the next few I found at Target. 

I love how flattering this dress is on me. Normally I don't like cinch waists because that's my self-conscious area but this one works so well. Perfect transition dress for fall with the cap sleeve and gorgeous floral print. You can pair with flats or heels or sandals. Dress it up a bit more with a blazer or dress it down with a denim jacket. Very versatile. Fit is true to size. Comes in other prints and two solid options. 

This Wild Fable dress has all of my favorites - ruffles, delicate details and is oh so girly. It is super flattering with the gathered waist. Fit is true to size (I'm in an XS). Wear it now and transition with a sweater or denim jacket and booties for cooler temps. Highly recommend.

We get a tease of fall at the beginning of September and then sure enough it gets super hot again. And that's when this dress comes in play. It's a pretty fall floral pattern and will keep you cool during those hot days but you can still wear it as the cool temps come back, just pair it with a jean jacket. Fit is true to size. 

This is another super cute fall transition dress from Wild Fable (again).  Love the color palette of the floral print. Overall the dress is super cute but it definitely runs on the smaller side both in the bust and the length (I'm 5'1"for reference) so I definitely recommend sizing up. Comes in one other print option and two solid colors as well. 

Here's another fabulous fall transition dress...again from Wild Fable. I feel like a broken record but they are killing it right now. This one comes in two super cute prints - blue and pink version along with solid black and white options. Fit is true to size and this one isn't nearly as short as the last one. 

And when the weather starts to get even cooler you can pair a jean jacket or sweater with it. This one from Target is perfect. The cream color goes with SO much and will be the perfect fall cozy sweater. Fit is a bit oversized, I'm in an XS. There are several colors to pick from. 

I love a good slouchy sweater and this one from the A New Day brand is on point. Super cozy and comfortable but still stylish (even with the oversized fit). Comes in several colors and stripe options. It's a really soft knit. Highly recommend.

Ruffles and eyelet two of my favorite things and they are both in this fabulous transition top from the A New brand. I picked this one up in the store (yes I should have steamed it first) and decided to go out of my comfort zone with this mustard yellow color...even though I really wanted the black. I tried but I'm not loving this color on me (it's not available online) so I think I need to return for the black. Fit is true to size and there are several colors available. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Five Friday Favorites - Thriving During Virtual Learning

We just finished the first week of virtual learning and I thought I would share the things that are helping us survive thrive in this new world. 

#1 - Headphones 
The one lesson learned I had during the first round of virtual learning was that my kids needed to be wearing headphones so they weren't easily distracted...especially Little Mini who just started kindergarten. I got these gaming ones after a recommendation from a friend and they have been working perfectly for both kids. And I like that there's a microphone built in so I know the teacher will hear them. Highly recommend. 

Another lesson I learned from last time was making sure we kept everything "contained" because their school stuff over took my kitchen. I wanted them each to have a dedicated space but then on the weekends we could put it away. Using a rolling cart has been great. It holds all their books and activities and then we roll it into the closet Friday night and bring it out again Monday morning. 

In the picture in #2, you can see the desk organizer that I put on the table. They have everything they need at their finger tips and don't have to interrupt their Zoom or independent work to get something. I have pencils, glue, scissors, extra erasers, post-it notes, ruler and note cards. It's definitely help avoid distractions.

Now that the girls are older we all can be involved in getting things done. In my opinion one of the best ways to be successful each day is to prepare the night before so I've created a nightly to-do list to help get us. Maybe it's my OCD but I love coming down to a clean first floor so a lot of the to-do items are around that. The list includes things like - lay out clothes, pack lunches, pack bags for after-school program, make sure we know what we are having for dinner the next day, wipe counters, vacuum kitchen floors, etc. Each chore has a couple of names associated with it and they are responsible for getting it done and initialing when it's complete. We are two days in and so far so go. I just used a Word doc template but you can get a fun printable from Etsy.

#5 - Something for the Moms
Virtual learning wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for the moms (and dads) out there helping guide their kids along. It's so stressful and such a harder job than any other position I've held. So at the end of the day, I take out these glasses and pour myself a glass of wine while I prep myself for the next day. These glasses stay in the freezer when I'm not using them and they help my wine stay cold because I don't have the luxury these days of just sitting and drinking a glass. These are also unbreakable so I use them outside too. They are the perfect glass, at least right now while it's warm outside and I'm drinking white wine.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Our 2020 Virtual Learning Spaces

Like so many people, we are gearing up for Virtual Learning next week. I had a lot of lessons learned from the spring and one big one was to not let it take over my entire first floor. We've decided to have two dedicated spaces.

The first space is an existing Pottery Barn Kids table (thank you Craiglist) we have in our eating area. I cleared it off and it's now dedicated to Big Mini's independent learning and all of Little Mini's working.

We have everything right at their finger tips with the desk organizer full of supplies and a rolling cart with their books and other materials. The rolling cart on weekends will get wheeled into the closet so that part is out of sight.

Big Mini is going into third grade and she will be able to work independently for the most part so she will do a majority of her virtual learning upstairs in her room. Thankfully she asked Santa for a desk so we already had that set up. 
desk / hutch / chair (similar) / mouse / headphones

Here's to hoping all of you who are virtual learning get through it and we all have a great school year!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Reviews

Thanks to COVID there won't be a dressing room review for this year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale but I did order a bunch of stuff to review. Keep checking back on this post because I will add to it as my packages arrive. 


This Free People sweater is definitely a keeper. Love the chunky knit! Fit is true to size. Love that it's not too oversized like Free People sweaters usually are. It comes in a bunch of colors and I went out of my comfort zone with the orange and I LOVE it! 
Again I picked a sweater outside my usual color comfort zone. This one is SO soft and cozy. I love the big neck. It's on the longer side so it could work with leggings, depending on how tall you are. I'm going to return it and grab it in the burgundy beet instead because I think it would be a good sweater to wear with my Spanx and I think that color will look better on me.

So what do we think? I think this color is better on me and it will look super cute with my Spanx faux leather leggings too! 

You know I'm a sucker for black so I couldn't pass up getting a black sweater this sale. I am OBSESSED with this one from Treasure and Bond. It is so soft and cozy. The perfect oversized cold weather sweater. Comes in a few colors. It is an oversized fit so consider sizing down, I'm in an XS. 


I am OBSESSED with this Free People camo tee. It is SO cute. Perfect weekend wear. I can wear on it's own as we transition to fall and then pair with a cardigan as the weather get colder. Super soft. As with most things with Free People, it runs a bit big so consider sizing down. I'm in an XS. 

This is a fabulous staple top to have in your closet. Great on it's own or layer it with a blazer, cardigan or jacket. I got it mainly to layer. I love the subtle lace detail. It's a nice v-neck but not too low so it's work appropriate. I opted for ecru color because I have plenty of black. Check out the outerwear section to see how I layered it. Fit is true to size. 
This All in Favor top works great for work or play. It's a super cute surplice blouse that has a tuck at the hem with the perfect drapey silhouette. Comes in three prints and it's under $30. Fit is true to size. Definitely a keeper.

top / jeans / shoes (on major sale)

I really wanted to like this 1.State top because I love a good basic white shirt and this one fit that but with a twist. Unfortunately the cross shape wasn't flattering on just didn't lay right. I'm considering ordering up a size to a small (if it goes back in stock) to see if that fits better. 


I really wanted to like this new trend with the flare cropped jeans but I just wasn't a fan of these from Kut from the Kloth. I love the brand but these jeans are just a no for me. Maybe if I was a bit taller. Fit was true to size. 

This might be hard to believe but I've never owned black jeans so I decided this was the perfect time to try them out. I went with one of my favorite brands, Wit and Wisdom, because they are affordable and offer petites. I sized down to a 2P and they fit great. 

Wit and Wisdom have always been my go-to jeans and I use the sale to stock up on a pair or two for the season. I loved these with the subtle distressing.  They fit great, I just wish the ankle was a little skinnier and for that I won't be keeping them. From a sizing standpoint, just like with the black jeans I sized down to a 2P.


tank / leggings

I use this sale to snag a pair of Zella leggings....after the day in and day out workouts my leggings just get nasty overtime so I need to refresh. These 7/8 leggings are one of my favorites because they fit my 5'1" frame as full length. Nice stretch and high waist keeps me sucked in. I paired it with a Zella tank that I also LOVE. I got this one last year in a blush color (not during the sale) and was so excited to see it back in a bunch of colors. This tank can be worn with workout clothes or just a casual look...very versatile. Fit is true to size.  

Since I haven't gone back to the gym yet (not ready and I don't want to wear a mask while working out) and I'm not sure when I will I wanted to get some outdoor workout clothes so when the temperature starts to drop I will be prepared. I love this cute long sleeve top from Nike. The pink is so fun and bright but if that's not your thing, they have other colors available. Fit is true to size. I sized up to a small for a looser fit. 

I really wanted to like this Alo sports bra because it's on the longer side so I could wear with my high-waisted leggings. Unfortunately it doesn't have the support I need, probably because the back looks like this...
Comes in a light blue too. If you have a smaller bust then I think this would work for you.

I like this Zella bra much better than the Alo one. I felt supported in it and it didn't show too much. I likely will never workout outside of my house like this but it will be perfect for the Peleton workouts. I originally went with a medium but it wasn't as tight as I would like so trying a small. 


One of the things I wanted to get this sale was a new moto jacket in a taupe/tan color. Three years I got I got a black faux leather one (like this one available now) that I wear ALL the time and I want to add a new one to the mix. 

The first jacket is a faux suede moto jacket. I love the color and the style but sleeves kept bugging me. For some reason they weren't laying flat and they kept bunching. For that reason I might return it. I think I'm being a bit picky but I need to absolutely LOVE it in order to keep it. Comes in a few other colors. I sized up to a small so I could layer. 

The second jacket (and the one I think I'm keeping) is real suede from BlankNYC. It's a more fitted look with the perfect moto styling. Comes in two colors - I went with French Taupe but the other gray color is fabulous too. Again, I sized up to a small and it fits great. 
I love the sporty look of this moto jacket. Its the perfect fall/early winter jacket for bumming around town whether I'm in jeans or my leggings. I ordered up a size to a small. I'm on the fence on keeping it because I don't really need but I do love it. What do you think...keep or return?

I love using the Anniversary Sale as an opportunity to get staple pieces that rarely go on sale like this puffer jacket. I got a hoodless version two years ago in gray and decided to snag the hooded black version. So comfy and cozy and packs really nicely for when we go back on trips. I size up to a small for extra room. It's also available in white and gray for the sale. 

This Theory coat was going to be my splurge of the sale. I've been in need of a new nice coat...the black one I have from J.Crew is 10 years old and starting to fall apart. I loved this one when I saw it online because the color would go with everything and I knew the wool/cashmere blend would be so soft. I wasn't disappointed in the color or the material but the fit just didn't work for me. It just wasn't fitted the way I want it to be. A smaller size might work but it's not available. I really think I need a petite. If you are on the taller size I think this would work for you.


I really, really, really wanted these Vince Camuto boots to work because 1) I've been wanting black suede boots and 2) these are SO cute. After first they worked...I struggled a bit to get one of them on (I have athletic calves but I won't say they are big) but once they were on they were SO cute and felt great. The problem came when I had to get them off. It literally took me and my two daughters five minutes to get them off. They just wouldn't come off. I'm SO bummed because they look SO good

jacket / top / jeans / shoes

I didn't get any booties in last years sale and I wanted to get one pair this year for the fall/winter and these Vince Camuto ones are PERFECT. I didn't think I'd liked the pointed toe but I really do...dresses it up!  The fit is great (I'm in my usual size) and they are the perfect height to wear with my skinny jeans. They come in a few colors (I'm in tuscan taupe suede) and two snakeskin prints. Highly recommend. 

I haven't bought a pair of Uggs for myself in a while and I really didn't have any intention of doing so until I saw these wedge ones. I went with black because I have a pair of tan ones I wear regularly. They are super comfortable like Uggs always are but give me the height I'm craving with the subtle wedge (2 1/2 inch heel). I think these might be keepers for the fall and winter. What do you think? 


Since buying real 2 carat diamond earrings are out of the question, why not get myself the next best thing for $26.90! These look so real and I won't be freaked out about losing them. They come in gold and platinum. And there are several other sizes available (bigger and smaller). 

Every Anniversary Sale, I always snag at least one pair of the Nordstrom brand pajamas because they are SO soft and cozy to sleep in. Since I just got a set from Soma, I decided to only get one long sleeve pair because I was obsessed with this print. They are still so soft and cozy. They also come in short sleeve/shorts and short sleeve/long pants options. 


Love these nesting bowls. I've got great large bowls and super cute small dipping bowls but I needed something in between and these are perfect. They hold 3, 4, and 6 cups, comes with a lid for each bowl and are oven/dishwasher safe. There are several colors available including and all white option. Highly recommend. 
I'm big into diffusing oils and when I saw this travel diffuser for under $20 I had to get it. It's going to be great to bring my oils with me on the road. Comes in a couple of colors. Would also make a great gift. 

This try on session is 100% by Big Mini. She picked the clothes and did the reviews...the only part I had was paying for it (haha) and typing for her because it would have taken forever. 

I love wearing t-shirts and shorts and I'm growing out of some of my cute t-shirts and I wanted new ones. I went with this Peek one because I love the color and the phrase. It's really soft. It fits me great, my mom says it's true to size. 

Here's another t-shirt by Tucker and Tate to add to my collection. It is SO cute and I just love the sunglasses on the kitty cat. This one was a little bit big but my mom's going to get me a smaller size. Also in this picture are my new Ugg boots. They are soft on the inside and I love the color. My mom says they will go with SO many outfits. 

I love this sweater because the colors are awesome and it's so soft when you wear it. I didn't itch at all. The ruffle detail is extra cute and gives it a pop! I also got new boots and they are so cute and fit perfectly. I love that it has a heel because I feel grown up. 

I love this dress because I'm really into tie dye right now. It super comfortable and I love it has spaghetti straps and how super soft the material is. My mom said that it runs a little small. She bought it so I could wear it next year but it fits me now. 

Last but not least, my favorite Nordstrom sale purchase...this robe! It is SO soft and cozy. It fits perfectly. I've been wearing it all over the house. I wear it in the morning and at night. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!


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