Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where have I been update

Sooooo sooooo sorry for my lack of posts the last few weeks. Things have been soo busy at work and I haven't had to even think about my blog. :( I should have a few posts this week and then work is crazy busy again. I promise by mid-May I will be back to posting regularly. Here's a little update on what's been going on...

Works been crazy so I've had minimal time to shop, cook, do anything fun. I have managed to order some new spring wardrobe items and hope to post reviews this week.

One of my favorite purchases so far is the stretch twill Minnie pant from J.Crew. I bought these to replace a old pair of faded cropped black pants and sooo glad I did. I went with a petite and the length is PERFECT! They fit great and will definitely get lots of wear.

I also picked up a new black suit from Banana Republic petites. I took advantage of the 30% off two weeks ago and with the discount essentially got the pants for free. I went with a petite size again and the pants and jacket fit like a glove, no altering needed!

And lastly on the shopping front, I've got the best Hubby in the world!!! He surprised me a few weeks ago with a new purse. He said it was for busting my butt at work. It's a gorgeous new Coach bag. It's the perfect size with compartments for all my gadgets, make up, etc. Thanks again Hubby!!!
On a home front, we've updated our deck with a lounge area. Pictures and details to come. Hubby is getting the garden ready. We've got about 6 pots started with tomato seeds and they've already started sprouting!
And we updated our point and shoot camera. I went with another Canon Power Shot. I love the red color. And love that it's megapixels are double what our old camera had. Can't wait to see how clear the pictures look.

Best news of all...only 31 days till vacation! Can't wait to be relaxing in Curacao!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Groupon

Thrifty Thursday is back with one of my favorites...Groupon! If you live in one of the 50 cities where this is offered you have a chance to purchase a new, significantly discounted coupon/deal each day. The deals are usually for local restaurants, spas, classes, etc. And there is literally a new one each day. Because there is a new one each day you only have 24 hours to purchase the deal. You can sign up for a daily email to see what the deal of the day is. Definitely check it out!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recent Purchase from Lands End

Thanks to Sweet Tea in Seattle for letting me know about this fabulous dress from Lands End's Canvas Collection. I actually got this dress in Navy but it isn't available in that color online anymore. It fit great and will be perfect to wear on the weekends or to work during the week. Here's the dress as it comes. It's a soft, cotton sleeveless shirt attached to a cotton skirt. The skirt is a heavier material...hence the canvas collection.

Here's how I would probably wear it to work. I've paired it with a big brown belt from F21 and an ivy green Jackie Cardigan from J.Crew. In both pictures, I've paired it with nude pumps from Banana Republic (last season).

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Years Resolution Month Two Update

Two months into 2010 (I can't believe how fast this year is going by already) and here's my resoluation update.

1.Be Healthier - Definitely eating healthier. Hubby and I have been really good about watching what we eat and filling our diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I've lost another pound and feeling like I'm really toning up. This is all thanks to my personal trainer. I decided to buy a package of 24 sessions with him to see what results I see. So far I've meet with him four times and I'm already seeing a difference. If anyone lives in the Rockville area and are interested in a personal trainer, I definitely recommend mine. E-Mail me and I'll give you his info.

2.Be consistent with running - My running approach has changed. I've logged a little over 40 miles this month. My personal trainer has me trying to get my mile time around 6 minutes so we've been focusing on short runs...not so many long runs. I still think I will hit my goal of mileage for the year...esspecially because I know I will be out there running when the weather warms up.

3.Focus on my blog - So once again I haven't done a good job focusing on the blog. Work has been soo busy and I've been traveling too which makes it tough. My goal is to have 3-4 posts a week. I'm at 170 followers...30 away from 200. I hope I make it.

4.Cook at home more - We have been really good about cooking more at home. We are sharing duties and planning ahead which makes it easier. The best thing is we've saved extra money this month because of it!


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