Friday, September 28, 2018

Five Friday Favorites - Recent Purchases

Lots of amazing fall items out there that I wanted to share my Five Favorite recent purchases.  A diverse grouping of stores with some of the items on sale.  Everything in this list is under $50!  So here we no particular order. 

#1 - Universal Thread Utility Jacket
jacket / shirt / jeans (similar) / shoes (similar)

This is a great utility jacket from Target's Universal Thread line.  Soft material.  Lightweight.  Perfect item to layer when we have these weird early fall then hot and cool again.  Fit is true to size. 

#2 - Ruffle Sleeve Dress
dress / necklace (on sale) / shoes

LOVE, LOVE this dress.  It's the perfect transition dress this season but also from winter to spring.  Great price point at under $40.  Comes in a bunch of colors.  True to size.   

#3 - Everleigh Blouse
top / earrings / necklace / jeans / shoes (similar)

I LOVE this blouse.  It's super cute for work or play.  This came in my last Trunk Club and it was love at first try on.  Lots of great detail.  Surplice style with bow tie sleeves.  Comes in a bunch of colors and is currently on sale. 

#4 - Faux Wrap Top

I don't know what I love more about this top - the color or the faux wrap style.  Super soft cotton,  Very flattering style and is perfect for work or play.  Pair with jeans or dress pants.  True to size.  And it's just under $50 but you know I'll be on the look out for it to go on sale.  

shirt / leggings (similar) / shoes

I've be really loving the Daily Ritual brand from Amazon and this hoodie is AMAZING.  So soft and comfortable.  Comes in other colors.  And it's under $30!  I sized up for a looser fit.  Definitely recommend this!  

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I've been hearing really good things about the leggings sold on Amazon so I thought I would take advantage of Prime Wardrobe and try out a few.  I'm wearing the same super soft and comfortable Daily Ritual sweatshirt

Who doesn't love camo?  I've heard really good things about Core 10 so I had to try these leggings.  They are technically 7/8 cropped leggings but they fit me perfectly as full length.  Very comfortable but definitely run a little small.  I'd recommend sizing up one size on these.  They have a bit of a shine/sheen to them so if that's not your thing, I'd wouldn't recommend these. 

Next up is a pair of PrAna brand leggings and again these are supposed to be capri length but on my 5'1" frame they are basically full length.  Another great quality pair of leggings.  Love the heathered look.  True to size.  Also come in a charcoal gray and purple/red color.  Would recommend these for lounging or working out. 

And the last pair of leggings I tried were another pair of Core 10.  These are also 7/8 length.  Love a good basic black and you can never have too many.  These are really great quality with a great under $40 price tag.  I went with my traditional size of XS and found them to be great...a little snug but didn't bother me.  If you don't like them very snug, you might consider sizing down. 

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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Hunt for Perfect Green Pants

One of the fashion items I don't have in my closet for fall that I want to find is the perfect army green pant.  I started the hunt in August and think I have finally found the one I wanted.  I decided for the this search, I'd photograph each one in the same spot, wearing the same outfit so you can get the best comparison. 
shirt (similar) / pants / shoes
First up is a pair from Old Navy...high rise rockstar skinny jeans.  The color was a little lighter than I was looking for. Overall the fit was great but even with petite length, it's too long on me.  

shirt (similar) / pants / shoes

Here's another great Old Navy pair...who doesn't love an elastic waist, right!  The Rockstar Jeggings are very popular among readers.  I love the color and the overall fit but the length (even petite) was still a little long for my 5'1" frame. Definitely recommend if you are taller than me. 

shirt (similar) / pants / shoes
Love the color of these J.Crew ones and the overall fit from the knees up.  However, not a fan of the knees down.  The cut was just too wide.  I wish it was more of a skinny fit and if they were I would have definitely kept them.  They are great pants but it's not the look I'm going for.  True to size.  

I saved the best for last...the winners.  If you've been following me for some time, you know I love Kut from the Kloth because they are great quality denim, fit really well and they make petites that work for my height.  Ironically these are not petite but they are the Donna cropped length which in regular size fit me me as regular length pants.  Love these colored denim...perfect color, really great fit and a good price point.  I'm bummed the Old Navy ones didn't work out because they were a better price point but these are fabulous and I know they will last.  

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Sorting - Lots of Small Organizing

I hear from people all the time, how do you have time to organize? Will you come to my house and do it?  My response back is that it didn't happen overnight....and being a working mom and blogger it takes time.  I have been organizing my house little by little over the last year or so but I still have SO many projects to do.  I try not to get overwhelmed and when I can, I tackle things one project at a time.  This summer was really busy for us so other than doing my swimsuits, I haven't really tackled any new projects till recently.

With the start of a new school year, we aren't traveling for a while so I'm using that time to pick a couple small projects here and there and get them done.  Some take 5 minutes to do like organizing my nail polish and others will take hours like my closet (which is still a work in progress).  But little by little I tackle project by project and the house gets more and more organized (and stays organized).  Here are some of the small projects I've tackled recently. 

#1 - Nail Polish Organization
LOVE this nail polish organizer I got from Amazon. It's double sided and each bottle has its own spot. Now that both minis like to get their nails painted, I'm started to accumulate more and more polish. Get it here...and there's a coupon.

#2 - Adding Another Basket to Pantry

I'm proud to say that we have kept our pantry organized (and pretty tidy) after doing a major reorganization last year. I made one minor adjustment the other day and added another basket from Target to the bottom to store our extra bags...plastic and paper. And that small change has made a huge difference. No longer are bags starting to creep out. They have their place. Check out my original post on my pantry organization here.

#3 - Organizing Spices

I personally don't like having my spices out on the counter. I like as few things on my kitchen counters as possible so my spices need to be tucked away in a cabinet. And since I have a lot of storage space, I'm able to spread mine out over one cabinet. I use 10" lazy susans to keep them organized and easy to access. Savory spices on the right and sweet spices on the left. Amazon also has a lot of options for lazy susans. I personally like the flat wood ones because they are easy to clean

#4 - Bathroom Drawer Organization
Hubby and I each have a small drawer in our bathroom and it was constantly getting cluttered and disorganized so I picked up these small interlocking containers from Target to give it some more structure. I love these because there are different sizes that you can mix and match. And two weeks in and it has stayed organized. Now Hubs wants to do it to his. I just ordered some more for him and for me because next I want to tackle my night stand drawer...and let me tell you, it's a hot mess.

#5 - Electronics Stuff on the Go
I used to do a lot of traveling for work so I need to have all my electronics handy but organized.  I use this cute little bag and fill it with all my necessities.  Everything is organized and easy to access since I have all the wires tied up.  
Chargers use these magnetic clips to stay together and the headphones are organized with these wraps.  The bag also fits my wireless ear buds, plug, and suction phone stand.  

Check out my other Saturday Sorting posts to help you get organized - 

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Five Friday Favorites - Fall Transition Must Haves

This week's Five Friday Favorites is focused on transition pieces and what are the key items to have in your closet as we move to fall and cooler temperatures.

#1 - Utility/Field Jacket 
Look on Left - Jacket (similar) / Shirt / Jeans / Shoes (similar)
Look on Right - Jacket / Shirt / Jeans (similar) / Shoes (similar)

The weather can be unpredictable as we transition to fall.  Lately around here it's been rainy and gloomy almost 24/7.  It's days like that where a field jacket is perfect.  You can layer to keep warm when the temperature drops and it protects you from the elements.  In addition to these two looks, I'm also a big fan of J.Crew's field jacket.  

 #2 - Dark Wash, No Holes Jeans 
Look on Left - Long Sleeve Top / Jeans / Shoes 
Look on the Right - Sweater / Cami / Jeans / Shoes (similar)

My closet is full of all sorts of jeans...cropped, boot cut, skinny, distressed but the one style I have an overwhelming amount of is basic, no holes, no tears, simple dark skinny jeans.  They go with anything everything.  And you don't have to spend a fortune on them.  Two of my favorite brands shown above are Kut from the Kloth and Wit and Wisdom and they are under $100!  

#3 - Basic (but cozy) Long Sleeve Tee
 Look on Left - Shirt / Jeans / Shoes (not shown)
Look on Right - Shirt / Leggings (similar) / Shoes

In the fall, especially on the weekends I live in a cozy long sleeve tee.  I have a few in my collection that are my go-tos but just added two more that I'm obsessed with and they are very reasonably priced.  If you are looking for a new, affordable brand of basic cotton pieces then definitely check out Daily Ritual at Amazon!  

 #4 - Printed Blouse
Look on Left - Top / Jeans / Shoes (similar)
Look on Right - Top / Jeans / Boots

Since I can't wear cozy tops every day of the week, I have to have a couple of cute blouses (that are still comfortable) that can be worn to work or date night.  I actually haven't updated the ones I have in my closet in a while but ended up picking up these two from Anthropologie.  Love these because they are unique and not everyone will have them.  

 #5 - Layering Cardigan
Look on Left - Sweater (similar) / Dress / Necklace / Boots (similar)
Look on Right - Sweater / Shirt / Necklace / Jeans / Boots

The fall transition weather can be unpredictable...some days its cold and other days it starts off cool but then ends up summer like.  That's why I have several cardigans in my closet to throw on and layer during those days but they also work in the late fall and winter months.  

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