Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Home Update - Meet our New Gym

Our new home gym is finally complete. After COVID hit, we slowly started to add things. It started with the Peloton bike, some free weights (when I could find them in stock), then the Peloton tread and finally an organizational system to keep everything in some order and not thrown all over the place. I have to say I was skeptical around all the Peloton hype but after being a "member" for the last six months, we are OBSESSED. It really has everything we need. Follow along with my workouts at Xtina620. And if you are interested in Peloton use code 2DKM63 for $100 towards accessories (this is not sponsored).

I have found the Swiffer Wet Jet cleans the flooring really well and this under $10 water bottle fits perfectly in all of the Peloton equipment. 


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