Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Target Tuesday - Spring House Refresh

We've spent A LOT of time at home the last year so its natural to find areas of the house that need updating or refreshing. Since I don't have the budget this year for massive updating (we are doing an office reno in early spring),  I decided to refresh a few spaces. 

The biggest space I refreshed was the dining room. We used to NEVER use this room so I didn't pay much attention to it but we've used it SO much in the last year so it's inspired me to give it a refresh/small makeover. I focused on just the table but eventually want to redo the other decor areas (wine rack and hutch). I wish I had taken some before pictures but here's what it looks like now. 

And here's an up close of the table settings. 

Now I just need to update the centerpiece and rug...any suggestions?

I love the area above my kitchen sink. I love to keep things very simple but it was missing something on the left side until I found the perfect faux lavender plant from the Threshold Studio McGee collection at Target. It fits perfectly. 

I love a good faux plant because well I have a hard time keeping them alive. This faux fern from the Threshold Studio McGee collab is on point. I've always had a plant in this spot but could never keep them alive. Now I don't have to worry. There are two versions I got the smaller of the two. The large one is just as cute. I'm going to play with my set up as I might swap the rooster and the plant. What do you think?

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